Friday, August 23, 2013

High School DxD NEW Episode 7 - Best Pool Day Ever!

Hey guys! Tadashi here and today I'll be talking about the 7th episode of High School DxD NEW which gives us a new OP and ED, a nice pool day, and some more interesting scenes.

You have been warned!

Rias had volunteered everyone to clean the pool in order to repay the Student Council. Pool? You guys know what this means...Issei sure as hell does ;)

As everyone is getting ready and changing into their swimsuits, Kiba randomly bursts out and vows to protect Issei should anything ever happen to him. It's pretty understandable that he'd say something like this b ut it was a little weird for Issei since they were both they were like half naked and Issei doesn't roll that way.

Now on to the important stuff - the girls. First, they change into 'lighter' clothes to clean the pool so they won't get dirty. Even in these outfits, they're still beautiful!

Afterwards, once Issei stepped outside, his arm started acting up again. YOU GUYS KNOW WHAT THIS MEANS TOO RIGHT?! AKENO TIME LADIES AND GENTS!

Yup, Akeno has to 'suck' the magic out of his arm. Rias allows this, but you can already tell she isn't too comfortable giving Issei away like that. Also, now that Akeno has developed feelings for Issei, it'll be a lot more interesting.

In the change room, Akeno proceeds to suck Issei's magic out but she doesn't stop there. She asks Issei is she wants to have an affair with him (ISSEI YOU LUCKY BASTARD). She says she won't tell Rias or Asia and it'll be their little secret (fuck you Issei!). She then climbs on top of him and gets closer and closer. Issei questions whether this is right or acceptable but he then says he wouldn't be a man if he turned this opportunity down. Just as they were about to kiss, Rias walks in and you can probably imagine her reaction. She plays it off well though and acts like a cute little jealous girl (did I mention cute?).


Afterwards, we get to see their beautiful mizugis and oh my freaking gosh we were given a treat. Everyone except Xenovia was out there as she was having trouble putting on her mizugi (instead of talking about it, I'll just post the pictures below).

Since they finished cleaning the pool, Akeno filled it up easily with her magic. Then Rias asks Issei to rub oil on her body (OH MY GOD). As he's rubbing it, she asks him to rub it on her oppai as well (It's killing me...). Just as he was about to, a bare-chested Akeno comes in and hugs Issei from behind pressing her oppai on his back. Rias flips out questioning her but then Akeno tells Issei since he wasn't able to suck on Rias' oppai last time, he can suck on hers. SHE THEN BITES HIS EAR HOLY SHIT. 

This really flipped on switch on Rias and she uses magic to destroy a podium nearby. Akeno doesn't back down and next thing we know, Rias and Akeno are fighting over Issei (I can't even...dammit Issei). Issei takes this chance to run away. He finds a nice place to sit down when Xenovia (finally) makes her appearance.

Her mizugi isn't terrible, but it still doesn't beat Rias' pure white two-piece. However, it is still very revealing. Out of the blue, Xenovia makes a crazy request:

You all would've done the same thing...

She pushes him into the locker room and tries to persuade Issei into having her babies. She throws herself on top of him yelling "sleep with me" and just then, the whole gang makes their appearance. Safe to say things didn't go too well when Xenovia told them that Issei was just trying to get her pregnant xD

(phew that was an exhilarating first half, wasn't it guys?)

Back in the clubroom, we get a special guest making his appearance: Lucifer Sirzechs, one of the Satans and Rias' brother. He's there for personal business and it's to attend Parent's Day which is basically watching over Rias as she goes through her studies. Surprisingly, Rias turns into an embarrassed puppy dog and man is this one hell of a cute side.

You're shoooo cute Rias~

Issei invites him to stay at his house for the night and he ends up sleeping in Issei's room...on the floor. Letting one of the Satan's sleep on the floor? Uh...

Lucifer knows his oppai

But he's actually happy Issei did this. Since most people don't treat him as a normal guest, he likes this change of pace and actually feels more comfortable. He shares one of his creative ideas with Issei - using his gift on Rias' oppai. What kind of effect will it have? Good or bad? This keeps him up all night thinking haha. I'm also surprised Lucifer doesn't mind Issei talking about Rias' oppai like that. He tells Issei to take good care of Rias (does he have his approval?!).

The next day, Issei walks up to his school only to see Vali, the host of the Vanishing Dragon, waiting in front of the gates for him. What could he want with Issei? I have a feeling it has to do with Azazel and the conference the Lucifer plans to host at the academy.

Man what an episode. The first half was some of the best fanservice I could ask for from DxD. Akeno is just freaking sexy and I love her aggressiveness and how she's not afraid to back down from Rias. Rias on the otherhand, is starting to show some other sides to her. She actually gets jealous because of Akeno. I doubt this'll disrupt their chemistry together, but it'll definitely make things more interesting.
The second half with Lucifer revealing he's going to host this super important conference at the academy was a shocker too. Angels, Fallen Angels, and Demons in one building?? I can' wait to see that. And what does Vali want with Issei? He took the time to show up at the school.

The new ED they gave us was more like the ED from season 1 but it still isn't as great as that. S1's ED was something special let me tell you that haha.

Anyways, until next episode!



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