Thursday, August 01, 2013

Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai: Megami-hen Episode 4 - One More Goddess Down!

Yaho! Tadsahi here and today I'll be talking about the 4th episode of Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai: Megami-hen where another Goddess is found.

The episode starts off with Keima going back to the library to see Shiori. After a short encounter with her, he was suddenly attacked by a doll.

The doll turned out to be Tsukiyo's and of course, it was a Goddess. It was the Goddess Vulcanus. Keima had a hard time trying to convince Vulcanus that he wasn't a bad guy but with his playboy antics that Tsukiyo had seen and the fact that after his 'conquest' he had never gone to see her once made this a very hard task. She attacked him with benches and plenty of them LOL.

In the end, Keima was able to use his words to get to her. Tsukiyo even provided Keima with a kiss on the cheek which only restored more of Vulcanus' powers. The power of love Tsukiyo had for Keima was enough for Vulcanus to even gain back her wings.

With her powers back, Keima explained the situation and they went back to his house in order to save Kanon.

Vulcanus had no problem stating that Keima was hers/Tsukiyo's and said it so bluntly that it made Haqua and Diana jealous. I always love seeing their faces when events like this happen.

Diana and Vulcanus proceeded to saving Kanon. They were able to join their powers enough to remove the curse. However, Apollo activated one of her defense mechanisms in order to help sustain Kanon's life. She had submerged and they couldn't do anything until Apollo wakes up. For the time being, Kanon's life was out of danger.

There was also Nora to worry about. Her mission was find these Goddesses and all of a sudden she found 3. Keima made a deal with her that once he saves the world, he'll let her take all the credit. He had bought them one more week.

Nora also said something interesting to Haqua at the beginning of the episode. Apparently, there were members of Vintage that had infiltrated the Loose Souls team. They could be the ones who gave the order to find these Goddesses since killing them is their goal. This means that the higher ups of the society have been compromised. This situation is really starting to unfold.

Haqua, seeing Keima ask for Nora's cooperation, began to feel like she was useless. She wanted Keima to tell her that he needed her. *click*Haqua-love mode activated*click*

Just as things were getting intense, Diana walked in and began her love assault on Keima. She believed it was her fault that Tenri didn't have enough love since Vulcanus had enough to grant her wings back while she didn't have hers. Even with 10 years of love, it wasn't enough. That's when she started being aggressive with Keima and it really got interesting. She wanted Keima to kiss her! All of a sudden, the straight-faced Diana was going dere mode on us. Don't forget that Haqua was still in the room.

She couldn't take much more and intervened. The Goddess and the Demon were arguing about...KEIMA. Lucky bastard...

Ritual of love...okay...
So Haqua, why are you this place...huh?! hehe
Poor Keima...just a footmat even as the topic of convo

Anyways, they stopped fighting pretty quick and Diana leaves. It seems this event was enough to trigger her own wings and she is shown with them at the end of the episode. Nice job!

And that ends episode 4.

I'm just happy that it stopped with the attempts at getting the girls which took up majority of the episodes. Keima has saved Kanon, and he has Gods/Demons fighting over his love. What more can you ask for oh Kami of Conquests? 

So, Vintage is the ones pulling the strings behind this new mission for the Loose Souls team huh. Haqua has begun to realize how she feels too! Team Haqua<3

Next episode, it seems he'll be with Yui and it also seems he'll be cross-dressing. Poor guy...

See you guys next episode!



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