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Nisekoi Episode 1 - The Beginning of this False Love Story

Warning: There will be some chances that I’ll be talking about the Manga with the Anime for comparison or something else, spoilers may arise…

One of my favourite Mangas turned into an Anime…I was thinking it should when I started reading it but then I thought it shouldn’t as the story progresses…

Well after watching this episode, it looks pretty cool as an Anime! (^_^)

Alrighty, let’s begin!

The episode starts off with a flashback (in an old cinema movie style) of two kids playing around in some fields and then the boy was holding a pendant locket while the girl is holding the key.

Now why can’t I have some promise like that?! (T^T; )

Now let’s zoom up 10 years here!

Damn…He’s a better Cook than me… (^_^; )
And he’s part of a Yakuza Group… (^_^; )

Ichijou Raku, is the heir apparent to this Yakuza Group but he wants to be a civil servant instead (staying safe and ignore gang fights huh… nice dream ya got there).

After being escorted and being warned that another gang is around by his Yakuza, Raku heads to school. While walking, he takes out promised pendant and starts swinging it around. On other hand, a cute girl is running and decides to vault up the fence and then…

They made their first encounter! (O_O; )
A beautiful blond girl with a ribbon tied as bunny ears (^_^)

Once he’s in the school, his friends Onedera Kosaki and Maiko Shuu looks at his face and Kosaki asking him if he was okay and he said he’s fine. Kosaki then bandages his face with Raku blushing since he likes her.

When classes begin, a transfer student is being introduced and it’s none other than…

Kirisaki Chitoge!
Also known as the one that hit Raku earlier…
And punched him in class…(-_-; )
And they’re sitting next to each other… (_ _; )

During a class, Raku is thinking all the bad parts of Chitoge based on their encounters and comparing her to Kosaki and his promised girl to be.

And then he tries to take out his pendant but realized it that he lost it during his first encounter with Chitoge.

Raku asks Chitoge to help him find his pendant since it’s was hypothetically her fault as well because she knee kicked him in the face while he was swinging it around carelessly. Kosaki asks what’s going on and Raku said that he lost something precious to him and Kosaki wants to help but Raku rejects her helping and only wants Chitoge to help him only since it was also her fault.

Looks like Kosaki knows what it looks like

 Chitoge then says that once they find the pendant, she doesn’t want to speak with him anymore at school because she doesn’t want to talk to a dude that bitches about what’s over and done with which pisses him off. Kyoko-sensei then shows up and asks Raku and Chitoge to be partners to take care of the school pets along with showing her around the school.

Raku and Chitoge are pissed that they have to work with each other let alone that they still have to find Raku’s Pendant so Chitoge speed things up so they can quickly find it.

*This is during the course of 10 days starting here*

Meanwhile, Chitoge is having problems quickly writing her Japanese class notes and after class, Raku nicely hand her his notes for her to copy but rejects him and his notes.

At P.E. Class…

(O///O; )

*cough* At P.E. class, Shuu asks Raku when was he all chummy with Chitoge but Raku said they’re not. Shuu then says Chitoge’s a hottie and a lot of guys are curious about her and Raku laughs because he doesn’t think of Chitoge that way.

Donkey Kong? (O_O; )

In his house, Raku bitches out about Chitoge and then one of the Yakuza members said they spotted Gangsters and the Yakuza left in a flash to fight them.

In school, Kosaki gives Raku a band aid and then they talk about the nice thing he did for Chitoge. Then Kosaki asks about the pendant and Raku said he got it from a person 10 years ago and he also made a promise and it’s something he treasured.

At the field, Raku and Chitoge are still looking for his pendant and Raku asked why she transferred at this time and Chitoge says because of her parents’ work. Chitoge then passes by Raku and he for some reason gets a whiff of a scent that’s really nostalgic to him (sounds kinda perverted or something like that). While thinking about that scent at the park, a battle was occurring.

Another day at the field, Raku is still looking for his pendant and Chitoge shows up and…

Begins complaining… (-_-; )

She tells Raku that a couple of their classmates are thinking that they’re dating and getting along with each other.

Meanwhile, Kosaki is done with her duties and plans on helping Raku and Chitoge but comes at the wrong time and sees them fighting.

Oh. And it rains!

In another day and back at the field, Raku is still looking for his pendant and Kosaki calls him saying that Chitoge wants him. They go at the meeting spot and Chitoge isn’t there yet. Then suddenly…

Damn~! (O_O; )
The Pendant!

He wonders how Chitoge found it and Kosaki said she kept looking for it and made sure that he was there to see her. And there’s also a note on the pendant.


After reading the note, Raku decides to forget about his promise with his promise girl but then Kosaki said don’t forget because the girl might still remember it and still holding to the promise. Raku then still keeps his promise and then parted ways with Kosaki.

Could she be the one?

Back at Raku’s place, Raku’s father talks with Raku about the little battles with the Yakuza and Gangsters that are going on in the city that might turn out to be a full-blown war if it isn’t stopped. Luckily, the boss of the gang is actually friends with him and he has a daughter who is the same age as Raku. He wants Raku and the daughter of his friend to become fake lovers for the next 3 years so that the members will call a truce while the two are (fake) lovey dovey with each other. And the daughter of his friend is none other than…

Kirisaki Chitoge! The heir apparent of the Beehive Gang!

And here’s the obvious OP Sequence.

Long story short, Raku is keeping a pendant locket that he promised a girl that has the key that if they meet again, they’ll get married. 10 years later, he’s currently in high school and gets knee kicked by Chitoge who later becomes his classmate and must find the pendant locket that Raku lost during their first encounter and Chitoge found it a few days later. 10 days after their first encounter, Raku and Chitoge found out that that the other is part of a gang and their fathers are old friends who want to stop the war their members are starting and asks Raku and Chitoge to date each other for the next 3 years which shocked them both since they hate each other.

Overall, I think the Anime adaptation is going well so far and I seem to be enjoying it. I really do enjoy the animation, the OST kinda sound like a fusion of medieval and modern, the OP sounds amazing, and the love the VAs who plays each character and I especially can’t wait for the other characters (especially Seishirou Tsumugi and Marika Tachibana).

Well since there was no preview for next episode, I’ll see you all next episode!

- Fuuko


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