Sunday, January 19, 2014

pupa Episode 2 - Their Childhood in Teddybear style

Warning: There will be some chances that I’ll be referencing the Manga due to it being short so if you don’t want Manga spoilers, you’re in luck. You’re getting some spoilers!

The episode begins with a bunch of teddy bears telling about Yume and Utsutsu’s past (aka the part that I was talking about that was missing in Episode 1 Spoilers).

Utsutsu says that that their father (Bear with a suit and tie) beats up their mother (Bear with apron) till he’s satisfied. Once bored with her, he goes after him (Bear with overalls) and Yume (Bear with dress and bow). Once their parents got divorced, their mother hanged out with younger men and one day never came back making Yume sad and him as her only family.

Back to the censored mayhem, the Woman reveals to be a researcher named Maria and while cleaning up the corpses and removing them from the scene, she wants Utsutsu to give up on Yume.

Utsutsu doesn’t want to give up on Yume since he loves his little sister so Maria says if he wants to talk to Yume but there’s a chance that Yume will not recognized him.

Somewhere in the park, Yume who is now a monster…

Uh huh…

Too late... (-_-; )

I don’t if I should say “D’aww” or “Eww”

In the end…

Yume took a bite of her Onii-chan… (O_O; )

Well I think it progressed a little bit…Bears acting out their past and Yume om nom Utsutsu who doesn’t care what she looked like whether be a monster or human.

I really have nothing to say anything or any after thoughts (and this may be my shortest review yet) so I’ll see you guys in the next mini episode!

- Fuuko


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