Monday, March 03, 2014

Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! Ren Episode 8 - The Battle of Mori Summer

The battle of Mori Summers! It's about time this stalker girl got what she deserved. She's just way tooooo creepy >_<

|Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! Ren Episode 8|


What an episode! Can I say DekoMori ship pls? Haha kidding. It was nice to see Mori Sum-er, I mean Nibutani embrace her former self in an all out with with the true fake Mori Summer (yeah, my head >_<).

The battle itself was fun to watch. Nibutani couldn't even hold a candle to the true fake, but in the end, her words reached Dekomori's ears and alluded to her helping her out in her time of need. Honestly, Dekomori and Nibutani are so perfect for each other (in a non-romantic way) and the way they compliment each other is always entertaining. Glad this yuri stalker is not out of the way...

Rikka didn't get much screentime this episode, but we did see a few scenes and her development definitely showed. She's aware of their positions now, and that she is actually his girlfriend. She was the one who went and grabbed Yuuta's hand (WHICH WAS CUTE AS HELL) and she even called Satone for help. Looks like she's realized that their contract isn't something so flimsy that one girl can break them apart. It goes to show just how much she's developed as someone with little experience with love. I just wish Satone had more screentime though :(

One thing I really liked was Kumin's wise insight. Sure, at the beginning she was just that girl who slept and was there, but lately, she's been maker her presence more known. She's constantly that one person who can "see through the fog" and is the one who understands people's actions and their reasons.

Another fun and entertaining episode only solidifying the friendship between Dekomori and Nibutani. Looks like they care a lot more for each other than they even thought.

I'm really hoping Satone will be the focus next episode as things are drawing to a close. Just how much can she really affect their relationship? Will it be enough to be that push that they need?

Until next episode!



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