Sunday, March 09, 2014

pupa Episode 9 - ONII-CHAN!!

For Yume to berserk like that…What did they do to Utsutsu to make her become well…that?

Yume’s chained to a chair?


That’s definitely a Chainsaw! I’m positive!

They’ve crossed the “Onii-chan” line!

Yume’s “Don’t touch my Onii-chan” mode!

Ouch! (>_<; ) That’s gotta hurt… To be dissected while still being conscious or to hear the pain and suffering of your sibling while being blindfolded and chained to a chair…That’s just amazingly and hilariously evil of them! Haha

I wonder what will happen in the next episode. Will Yume save her brother by starting a slaughter fest to get to him or Will Utsutsu free himself and go berserk as well freaking out Yume and start a slaughter fest? Who knows…?

Well that’s all I have to say for now, till next episode.

- Fuuko


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