Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Wizard Barristers: Benmashi Cecil Episode 9 & 10 - All for Lucifer

Things are slowly coming to light - Cecil's past, Macal and Labone's purpose, and yet there are still questions being raised. Just how are things going to turn out in the end?

**Sorry for the lack of screen caps these past two episodes**

The last two episodes provided us with plenty of information and answers to the questions we've all had. It is now confirmed that the main reason they want Cecil is so she can be a catalyst for Lucifer when they resurrect him (which is insane!). There are two sides in this fight:

Macal - Essentially the bad guys who want to use Cecil in order to bring back Lucifer whom they worship. They despise humans. This is made up of government officials lead by Shizumu's father. Shizumu is also apart of this group.

Labone - Essentially the good guys who want to coexist with humans. The Shark Knights were a group created specifically to protect Cecil and all of its members are a part of Labone.

It is also revealed that Shizumu is a wizard himself but is clearly fighting an internal struggle whether to actually hand Cecil over. He's heard from his father that it's unclear whether she would be able to survive being the catalyst for Lucifer which makes him very uneasy. His dad seems to be a little suspicious as well.

Now that we're given a clearer picture, I wonder what Cecil is going to do. Everyone at the firm are by her side, but what can they really do? If they are trying to bring back Lucifer, odds are they'll go to any lengths to secure Cecil. Not to mention that Moyo is still suspicious.

During the flashback showing Cecil's mom, Megumu, and her trial, Moyo is clearly shown in the audience, but of course she was younger then. So she knows what happened. Is she part of Macal or Labone? Or is she a part an unknown third-party?

Next episode Macal looks to push its plan ahead by invading the firm. I wonder how things will turn out.Will Moyo do something about this?



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