Friday, March 28, 2014

pupa Episode 12 - Chibi Lottery

Wait, Wait, Wait…The last episode is about a Lottery and how Utsutsu got Yume that flower-looking Hair Clip?! Too Normal! That’s it! I'm done! I'm not reviewing this episode! (>_<; )

Okay… Loli Yume got me there…
Fine I’ll do it but it's gonna be short so please stop crying… (^_^; )

Although I think was pretty nice of Utsutsu to do something for his sister even though the aftermath is the series itself but all in all, he never got the grand-prized Teddy bear but the Hair Clip that Yume wore in the whole series even though it took him about 5 tries since his friend and his friend’s sisters gave him their tickets.

Well that’s the end of pupa. (I hope...)

Thank you for following my posts till the end and here’s my score for it:

Visuals: 9

Story: 6

Characters + VAs: 8

OP/ED: 6

OST: 5

Enjoyment: 10

Overall:  7.3/10

- Fuuko


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