Thursday, February 13, 2014

Golden Time Episode 17 - Just Normal and Ordinary

This episode seems to be pretty normal though it was also one of the episodes that I kinda disliked till it hit to a certain part of the episode where I started to get interested in this episode.

So right now, I’ll be heading straight to my review since I have no serious or comedic comments to say about this episode. So here are my highlights for this episode.

Summary-wise, Kosshi and the Festival club (minus Linda and the 4th years) thought that Banri and Koko broke up and will leave the festival club but they didn’t, Linda tells Banri that their High school year is having a reunion which Koko approves for him to go, Chinami moved into her new Apartment, Mitsuo finds out where Linda lives and notices that Banri lives in the same area as her, and started to question their relationship with each other and Banri’s past.

As I said before, this is a pretty normal episode. Normal Koko kinda scares me a little since in the other episodes we see her as you guys know…crazy <insert you're preferred curse word> though the festival club scene was really entertain.

Now for my dumb nonsense…With Mitsuo starting to investigate about Banri and his past along with his relationship with Linda, will he even find out from Koko who knows about it?
Here’s next episode’s preview.

Till next Episode

- Fuuko


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