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Nisekoi Episode 4 - Study Session in the Ichijou Household

Caution: There will be some chances that I’ll be talking about the Manga with the Anime for comparison or something else, spoilers may arise…

Oh yay! A study session in Raku’s House! (^_^)

I think this one’s gonna be a pretty normal episode!

Alrighty, let’s begin!

Chitoge is making friends! (^_^)

After the Opening, Raku and Chitoge are watering plants.

On the roof of the school…

Got you spot on Kosaki

That is true

Oh I get it (^_^)

At Raku’s house,

Do it secretly

That’s a nice category

Ask Ruri

Nice Ruri

Chitoge’s first Study Group! (^_^)

I remember my first one was in 3rd year High School for math exams because I was abducted by my classmates (-_-; )

In Raku’s room, they begin their study session.

Nice Move Ruri

Raku, Good Luck!

Chitoge’s smarter than you? (0_0; )

Smart Blond huh…

What a nice subject to go into

Happy Raku


Secret is out of the bag!

Nice cover up

Shuu’s on a roll here (^_^)

Damn it Raku

Around this point, Raku tells Shuu about his and Chitoge’s fake lover mission and Shuu seem to noticed already.

Back in Raku’s room,

I wonder what they’re planning… (^_^)

Outside of Raku’s House…

So that’s their plan (^_^)

In the storage house,

Chitoge’s scared of the dark? Claustrophobia?


Poor Chitoge

A Flag is being activated!

Initiate Flag Time!! (^///^ )

So close… (^_^; )

Raku’s too nice…

Enjoying this conversation already (^_^)

Is this supposed to be a friendly comment or Yuri comment? (0_0; )

Telling a girl what he likes about another girl…seem legit (0_0; )

So she’s smart but just dense…

So now the conversation is about kissing?

They’re on a roll here (^_^)

Flag Time? (^///^ )

Damn it Claude
He ruined Flag Time… (_ _; )

Kosaki runs really fast huh…

At Chitoge’s room,

She updated her info on Raku huh…

This episode consists of a Study Session with Raku, Chitoge, Kosaki, Shuu, and Ruri with Chitoge feeling excited, Kosaki trying to not make eye contact to Raku after what Ruri said, Shuu just being there but got a gist of Raku’s and Chitoge’s Secret though he already knew since Episode 3, and Raku’s and Chitoge’s Couple Time in the Storeroom where most “Flags” are usually activated but failed thanks to Claude.

For some reason I really thought they were gonna do Chapter 07 of the Manga where they were taking cooking class and making cakes in the first half but it looks like they didn’t so I was a bit disappointed…It was my favourite chapter… (_ _; )

Now for the mini episode.

It looks like Shuu and Ruri are having a chat…

Looks like Ruri’s suspicious with Chitoge’s and Raku’s relationship

Nice one Shuu!

That’s all I have to say for now! See you all next episode!

- Fuuko


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