Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Wizard Barristers: Benmashi Cecil Episode 6 - Timeuh STOP!

Cecil finds herself in the midst of any troubles (n-not because she's the main character or anything!) but they don't forget to tease us with question-invoking scenarios. Safe to say this week's episode of Wizard Barristers did just that. I'm really interested in the answer >_<.

|Wizard Barristers: Benmashi Cecil Episode 6|

You bet!
Cosplay. Wow.
What a nice guy! Y'know, it's only YOUR JOB
Couldn't have said it better myself.
Not gonna lie. I love her accent.
Well, that's reassuring...
He's a pervert. Knew it.
Well hello
Kaboom huh
Kids...gotta teach em while they're young
NICE IDEA! (said in Sunohara's English accent)
Annnnd when Cecil says things in English...<3
LOL she just waltzs in
Annnnd is easily stopped. I bet he's liking this though
Of course. Of freaking course. 
The power of wind! THE AIR BENDER


I think the obvious question here is who the hell is Moyoyoing. The usual happened to Cecil, but the unusual happened because of it. Now we know Moyoyoing's powers - she is able to temporarily stop time and move freely as it is stopped (can we just talk about how badass this power is?). But it makes you wonder if everyone else knows about her power. I would assume at least Ageha-san knows, but it seems like the others don't. Not to mention as much as I like her, she is awfully suspicous. She's one of the characters who defintely have some kind of ulterior motive. We probably won't find out for awhile, but it is a very intersting topic. I'm thinking she genuinely cares for Cecil because she is the apparent chosen one - the great magi - that is said to appear every hundred years. Maybe she has some kind of use for her which is why she's so keen to keeping her safe.

Shizumu was the mastermind behind this whole kidnapping ordeal, again, just to help hone Cecil's skills. She didn't use any  new magic this episode however we did see her in her skimpy superhero outfit. He also didn't hesitate to kill those guys after they told him he really wouldn't have a choice but to promote them in the little cult their in. Interesting enough, Shizumu isn't afraid to kill.

I'm already looking forward to next week's episode hoping that we'll so more new cool magic. I'm still waiting for Nacchi and Cecil to pair up as well :3

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