About Us

Tadashi: Osu! I'm just your average anime loving guy who's seen more than 600+ kinds (I don't know if that still keeps me in the average category lulz). I started really watching anime during the Winter 2011-2012 season and since then, I've grown to love it. A lot of my friends consider me the anime guru...and I laugh every time they do. I do know more than the average, at the very least huehuehue.

My top 3 anime would be Clannad After Story, AnoHana, and Angel Beats. Why? THE FEELS!!! I'm also a huge Key fan since they really know how to bring on the feels. KyoAni is my favorite company, with P.A. Works at a close second (have you seen their stuff lately? It just keeps getting better and better).

Aside from anime, I read some Light Novels, read some manga, and I also read visual novels. My favorite visual novel would be between G Senjou no Maou, Rewrite, and Little Busters! - all masterpieces in my opinion.

I'm also in no way some kind of professional writer. I do this for fun, and because I simply love anime. Although, I have learned quite a bit since starting this blog.

P.S. Shizuru and Charlotte are my waifus~

Hope you enjoy your time on my blog :)

Fuuko: Allo, readers! Futami Fuuko here but Fuuko is just fine. I am what you say a "Card Collecting Otamega". Since Summer of 2010, I've seen about 550+ Anime. Some of the Anime I watched include Phi Brain, Baka to Test, Kanon, Popotan, Strike Witches and Saki and some I shouldn’t mention due to curiousness… (O///O)

Other than Anime, I read Mangas like Mangaka-san to Assistant-san and IS: Sugar & Honey, play J-RPGs like Neptunia and Corpse Party, and play TCGs like CF Vanguard and WeiƟ Schwarz

Favourites? I would say anything Idol-related because the songs are amazing :)

Waifus? No no no... Harem Candidates and there's a lot!

Just like Tadashi, I am an amateur at this as well and doing this for fun while also learning new things in the process.

I hope that you enjoy what I put in his blog :D


  1. Hello there i see this is a new web venture need admins/other?

    1. Uh, not right now, but maybe in the future? Send me an email and we can talk.

  2. If you are looking for some changes then can you add a place for people to do recommendations like a forum section?

    1. That's a good idea. I was thinking of setting something up where people can leave suggestions or recommendations. I'm still in the process of finding one though!

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