Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Hyperdimension Neptunia the Animation Episode 3 - Arfoire’s Plan Finally Takes Action!

Caution: This WILL contain loads of Cuteness, Fanservice, PLOT ranging from AA-H (if you know what I mean), and some spoilers/references from the Game series

Fuuko: *cheering* Oh Yeah!! Woo!! Go Go!! 5pb!!! Kyaaaa~!!

*cough* Sorry about that… (^_^;) Got into the mood haha...

Anyway, what the hell is Pirachu doing during this wonderful concert by 5pb?

After the concert, Nep-Nep and company are at Vert’s place looking for Vert (since she was suppose to meet them at the concert and never showed up) but found more than what they’re looking for.

BL and a lot of goodies

They manage to find her and as always, she’s playing games…

Four Goddesses Online looks like Neptunia V

Vert was suppose throw a party with them after the concert but is caught with her online gaming. Noire then suggests that they’ll still do the party, dressed up as a maid *nosebleed*, and divided everyone into cleaning and shopping groups.

Out on the Shopping district, Pirachu trips and falls….in love with Compa (also drops a red gem)

Pirachu and Compa: Version 3

Nepgear then picks up the same gem from the first two episodes and got affected by it. Pirachu then grabs the gem and started running (passing IF) and goes behind an alley and thinks about Compa.

Back at Vert’s place, Vert starts off the Party by asking Nep-Nep and Noire to step back and she activated a Virtual Reality game which shows a field environment and Nep-Nep and Noire as Dogoos.

Admit it, you wish "that console" was like Vert’s

Somewhere in Leanbox, It looks like Arfoire and Pirachu are ready for battle.

Back at Vert’s place, Vert got a message that there are a bunch of monsters in a district in Leanbox Territory and the CPU Hearts head over there while the imoutos, Compa, and IF stay back.

At the destination, Arfoire and Pirachu are ready for them to show up.

Back at Vert’s place, Nepgear felt that there’s something wrong and IF found out that Pirachu is on every nation's blacklist. IF plans to go to the destination with Nepgear coming along.

At the destination, the CPU Hearts begin fighting four Heavy Tanks (having one each) and race whoever destroys their enemy first. Black Heart was first, White Heart was second, Green Heart is third and Purple Heart is last. Meanwhile, IF and Nepgear try to catch up to them.

Arfoire unleashes the trap and throws the fourth gem they found and trapped the CPU Hearts in a Sealed Pyramid. It appears that the Gems are Anti-Crystals and they drain anything that involve and use Share Energy. Pirachu is at the sidelines taking some pictures.

Pirachu, you better give me those pics!

IF and Nepgear finally caught up but they were too late.

This reminds me about the prologue in Neptunia Mk2 but a different version

At the end of the episode, they begin Nepstation and 5pb advertises the Anime’s OP single, Dimension Tripper!!!

Song’s Amazing!

It appears that this episode is finally taking a turn with “it’s not all fun and games” or something like that. This episode even used Hyperdimension Neptunia Mk2’s Opening “Kirihirake! GracieStar” by nao sung by 5pb, the cords trapping the CPU Hearts, and the Ending “GoLove & Peace” by Ayane used in the credits.

It looks like they’ll continue it off in the next episode so I’ll see you guys then! Man I hope Nepgear transforms...

- Fuuko


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