Sunday, July 07, 2013

Ro-Kyu-Bu! SS Episode 1 - Lolibaskets is Back!

Hey guys! Tadashi here and today marks the 1st entry for the Summer 2013 anime season and I'll be covering the amazing Ro-Kyu-Bu's 2nd season. BANZAI FOR LOLIBASKETS!

This is what we're all here for, right? Basketball, right?

Woohoo it's back! The show that everyone watches solely for the basketball and nothing else! Well, it's back and it starts off with the usual gang talking in the chatroom using their chibi avatars. To be honest, I completely forgot they did that.

Their basketball practice follows suit where we are re-introduced to the 5 teammates and their positions. Tomoka leading the charge as the one who makes the basket. She is by far the most skilled but everyone definitely improved - the most notable would be Hina doing that crossover.

Aoi<3 Sorry Tomoka, but she's gonna win hehehe
We find out that Tomoka's father really dislikes all the time she puts towards basketball and prohibited Tomoka from visiting the festival with her friends. Suburu thinks this isn't fair and right before he goes and plays hero, he gets a call from Tomo's mom and she eventually brought Tomoka to meet Suburu and then head to the festival. OH, Tomo's mom is a total banger. 10/10 will do!

Sooooooooo on to the festival. Tomoka and Suburu had a nice little mini-date where he ended up giving in to his inner lolicon and promised her to do 'anything' if she sank 2/3 free throws and she obviously focused (to a level beyond 100% I'm guessing lol) and sank 3/3. Out of all the things she could have wished for, she asked him to go see the fireworks with her because she wants to 'be closer than ever'. I guess you can't do much about the mind of an ELEMENTARY school girl. One thing I will commend him for is that he didn't blush once when with Tomoka or any of the girls. YEAH! but who knows how long it'll take before he becomes best friends with Pedobear.

Tomo also had a little 'bathroom' problem which left her unable to walk there by herself. This led to Suburu having to princess carry Tomoka to the bathroom. While he was waiting, he ran across an old man who had dropped his glasses. He helped him find it (I don't know why on Earth he screamed to ask everyone else to help look for it when it couldn't be no farther than 5 or 10 feet away) and later on he finds out that that was Tomoka's father looking for her.

He ends up finding the girls and Suburu watching the fireworks and decides to take Tomoka home but was stopped by Suburu and the girls love for Tomoka and her importance to them. He even left Tomoka in 'Suburu's care' (it was seriously like Suburu just asked for his daughter's hand in marriage...).

It did surprise me how easy it was for her father to change his mind so quickly. He's well aware of the fact that Tomo had it rough in the past because of basketball but I guess after hearing everyone out he changed his mind. Does he not even feel the slightest bit of worry with a teenage boy coaching a bunch of elementary school girls playing basketball in sweaty uniforms? LOL.

So Tomoka is pretty freaking kawaii like last season and at the end of this episode, we get a nice look at one of the new lolis and another rival for the team and possibly for Tomoka herself. She's French and definitely has the looks for a good loli.


Soooooooooo nothing important really happened this episode except for the bit at the end with the new girl. I wonder how the 'plot' of lolibaskets is going to turn out. Of course, there's one thing I'll definitely be rooting for and that is Aoi x Suburu. SHOW THE GIRL SOME LOVE MAN! F*CK THE LOLIS (not like that...)

Aha, okay I'm done. See you guys next episode!



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