Tuesday, July 30, 2013

High School DxD NEW Episode 4 - Another War?!

Hey guys! Tadashi here and today I'll be talking about the 4th episode of High School DxD NEW which reveals the new boss and what his plan is and man, it isn't a pretty one.

You have been warned!

They start off with their plan to team up which requires them to dress as priests. Kiba, willing to do anything for his revenge, has no problem with this. Xenovia also tells Issei that the White Dragon is awake. Uh oh..

Anyways, they split up but quickly encounter Freed. Seems he even pissed of Koneko-chan a bit xD
During the fight, we find out that Saji has a dragon Sacred Gear as well which is a huge surprise. Just as it seemed like they had beaten Freed, Balba Galilei shows up. This enrages Kiba as that is the man he wishes to kill.

Balba helps Freed out and enables him to channel more energy and as he was about to strike Kiba down, Xenovia came out of nowhere and saved him. Freed and Balba escape while Xenovia, Irina, and Kiba run off after them.

This was when Rias/Akeno and the SCP and Vice-prez show up. Issei and Saji explain things to them and they feel like they should help. Of course, this is after they both spank Issei and Saji a thousand times LOL. WITH MAGIC TOO!

After this, Rias and Issei go back home only to arrive to Asia in the famous naked apron helped put on by Issei's mom. Rias quickly sees Asia has been one step ahead of her and changes into one too. DAMMIT Issei is lucky... Not to mention Issei's mom approves of all this! She's insane! XD

The next day, they set out to find Kiba, Xenovia, and Irina. One of the familiars spots Irina all beat up and defeated. She warns them that 'he' is very strong. She even had her Sacred Sword stolen. Kiba and Xenovia escaped though.

That's when Freed shows up but isn't there to fight since there were the top 2 Demons (Rias and SCP). He instead tells them that his master wants to talk to them. It turns out his master is a fallen angel with ten wings named Kokabiel. His goal: Start another war.

Turns out Freed has 4 Sacred Swords now too. He definitely is a huge problem and won't be easy to defeat.

In the end, it shows Kiba and Xenovia just 'chillin'. Maybe they're injured or something but they need to act fast 'cause shit is about to hit the fan.


Overall, it seems like we're about to get a big fight already. It's pretty early on in the series and the Vanishing Dragon hasn't shown up yet so I feel like this might be just an arc...or it'll tie in with the Vanishing Dragon. Either way I'm hoping for more oppai and more fighting :D

'Till next episode!



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