Monday, July 29, 2013

Shingeki no Kyojin Episode 16 - To the Pits of Hell...Again

Hey guys! Tadashi here and today I'll be talking about the 16th episode which weeds out the weak-hearted soldiers by stating the reality and sends everyone off on a mission that'll probably be full of death.

It starts off with an inspection of people's maneuver gear to see if anyone used it without permission in order to narrow down the culprit of the murder of the two titans. They found nothing so it makes me wonder, who really did murder them? It was a huge blow to humanity.

Anyways, this episode had one huge development. It was the choice of whether to join the Military Police or the Recon Corps. This was also like choosing life or death since 70% of the people in the Recon Corps will die. It's pretty obvious that most people would choose the Military Police since they are scared shitless to face titans again. Hell, I probably would have done the same thing if I didn't have some sort of resolve.

While Jean was telling everybody the truth, Armin was surprised that he actually disclosed information about Eren's basement. It was supposed to be secret key info but he told everyone that they will be trying to get there as it may hold the answers. Armin, being the smart kid he is, suspects some kind of ulterior motive behind Jean's words. I wonder what they could be?

Almost everybody left to join the Military Police. Only a handful of soldiers stayed and most of them consisted of Eren's friends. Even Sasha joined! It's a shame Annie left though. They were then sent off immediately to learn about the ways of the RC and were even reunited with Eren.

Mikasa was glad that Eren was safe but as we all know, it super pissed at Levi for what he did to Eren.

Angry Mikasa = Scary Mikasa

I can only imagine had it would turn out if Mikasa and Levi fought. Even with her elite skills, I feel like she's no match for Levi. As much as it would be a treat to see, I don't want to see Mikasa getting whooped. I prefer her doing the whooping.

Jean also gets in Eren's face telling him that he is counting on Eren. Everyone isn't as eager to throw their lives away for Eren like Mikasa and Armin, but they want to find a reason too. Eren, you better step your shit up. You have to be in control next time you transform!

These guys are counting on you Eren!

The episode ends off with everyone getting ready for their new mission. It's more of a test run but you can expect many lives to be lost. I wonder who out of Eren's friends is going to die next?

As they get ready to set off, Eren catches a glimpse of two kids in awe watching as the elite RC gets ready to go. It reminds him of how he was back then looking up to these guys. He's come a long way from then and it's his turn to protect people.

Nothing too crazy happened this episode. The epic speech was really Erwin stating the reality and it was a great wakeup call for most people. They set us up for a (hopefully) good episode next.

In the preview for the next episode, it looks like we see the much anticipated 'lady titan' and it apparently has intelligence. I think it's the same as with Eren - a human inside controlling it which is why it's able to think. Guess we'll find out next episode. I wonder who it could be... There are many people speculating it to be Annie since she was an important character and for her to just 'up and leave' the rest of the guys was weird.

Also, how freaking cool are the RC uniforms?!

Anyways, see you guys next episode! I have a feeling we'll be seeing some brutal scenes next episode.



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