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Hyperdimension Neptunia the Animation Episode 5 - The Conclusion of the 3-part Arfoire and CPU Candidate Arc!

Caution: This WILL contain loads of Cuteness, Fanservice, PLOT ranging from AA-H (if you know what I mean), and some spoilers/references from the Game series


They should put Vehicles as a travel method one time in the games

Continuing off from Episode 4, Nepgear and co. finally reached to where Nep-Nep and the other Goddesses are but Arfoire was waiting for them and Pirachu shows up saying how he misses Compa interrupting Arfoire.

Now back into the suspense, Arfoire tells them her plan (like any other Antagonist) with the routine of our Protagonists planning on stopping her but gets an unusual surprise of her being more powerful with a transformation.
 That’s the Deity of Sin for you!
Yes, you should be shocked.

Arfoire then attacks Purple Sister Nepgear with her copy ability and copies Purple Heart’s attack, Cross Combination and White Heart’s attack, Tanzerin Trombe which made Ram and Rom hate to see the fact that Nepgear is being attacked by her and they want to beat her giving them the power to finally do their transformation.

Lolis Ram and Rom transformed into…
White Sisters Ram and Rom
The AA’s just became A’s

They attack with their attack, Ice Coffin but it seemed to fail and Arfoire fought back with Black Heart’s attack, Lace Ribbon Dance.

Nepgear tries to fight back but Arfoire apparently looks like copied her attack and begins attacking the Transformed CPU Candidates. Uni (being the only one who hasn’t transformed yet) tries to snipe the shooting projectiles while talking to herself saying that she must focus on her target and once she shot the projectiles, she suddenly transforms to Black Sister (w/o the fanservice transformation sequence [BOO~! (-3-)]) and shoots Arfoire with her attack, EX Multi Blaster.

Yup, all our CPU Candidates are now transformed

Back at the Anti-crystal Pyramid, our Goddesses are glad that their imoutos finally transformed but they are running out of time. The concentrated Anti-share Energy suddenly tries to make an H with those concentrated Anti-share Energy hands bringing them down to the abyss. Near the Pyramid, Pirachu is on guard but Compa and IF are making a plan so they can try and save the Goddesses and their plan was Compa to talk to Pirachu (which worked) and IF going to them and have them listen to Histy’s message about the Anti-crystals which is bad news.

Histroie: Anti-Crystals severs the link between you and you're Share Crystals. It also has the ability to convert Share Energy to Anti-Energy. It’s said that concentrated Anti-Energy can take away the lives of Goddesses.

With Vert and Blanc starting to feel cold and numb, they die in an instant.

Ram and Rom felt that something is wrong with their Sister and all the CPU Candidates look at the Ominous looking Anti-crystal Pyramid while IF and Compa tries to break it and Pirachu is just watching them.

Arfoire then attacks the CPU Candidates with Green Heart’s attack, Rainy Ratnapura and they fall to the ground. Neptune and Noire later die in the concentrated Anti-share Energy with Nepgear calling out for Neptune but then sees the Pyramid go pitch black and screaming “NOOOOOOO!”.

Another sad and tearful event… (T^T)

In this concentrated Anti-share Energy abyss, Neptune and the other Goddesses are still alive (luckily), holding hands, and they each emitted a light.

Outside of the Pyramid, Nepgear was about to give up with Arfoire getting ready to do the final blow but then sees the CPU Hearts’ light (or could be their Share Energy glowing) in the Anti-crystal Pyramid. Nepgear then blocks Arfoire attack and the Share Energy suddenly flows around the area and the CPU Candidates begin attacking. If I can relate the attack that their doing with the games, I would say they are doing their EXE DRIVE 4 Frontal Team Skill Attack, Superior Angels.

Arfoire is Defeated! Initiate the Victory Screen!

After the battle with Arfoire, Nepgear tries to call out for Neptune again but still no response. When the sun rises, the CPU Hearts are alive and well and they reunited with their sisters.

What a great tearful reunion... (T^T)

We can’t forget about Vert.

 Good Job Nepgear

In the rubble, Pirachu carries or is dragging Arfoire who pretty much survived the hit and is still alive.

That’s one loyal mouse

At the end, IF, Compa, and the Nep sisters are back at Planeptune with Histy and sees that the Sharicite didn’t lose that much energy. Histy then wants Neptune to get more shares while IF talks with Compa about how the others are doing in their respective nations. Vert released her Console to the Public and gained some shares, Blanc, Ram, and Rom are selling Blanc Manju to their people to get some shares, and Noire and Uni are gaining more shares by doing a lot of quests while IF, Compa, and the Nep sisters are having a Picnic.

I want that Console
 I want some Blanc Manju…
Overworking Tsunderes
Too relaxing!

Suddenly, a Character from Neptunia V shows up! She’s a Loli who’s dumber than Neptune. Yup, it is no other than Happy-Go-Lucky Peashy (Piishe)!


This episode concludes this arc but starting off a new one with a special cameo of Peashy. Will they reference Neptunia Victory? Will Nepgear be tossed away to the sidelines again? Will they go to Ultradimension’s Gamindustri? Are we going to see- ….uhh maybe I’ll stop here for now with the game spoilers… (^_^;)
Anyways, I will now end this off with this episode’s blooper of Nepgear, Ram, and Rom talking about Uni on transforming with her B-cups being A-Cups. Haha

 Uni gots Chippai (Chitchai Oppai)!

- Fuuko


  1. Wow, so Uni's oppai actually gets smaller......
    I thought they were supposed to get bigger like from AA to A.
    Once again nice review, I hope for more in the future (^3^) Waiting for episode 7 now. :D

    1. Oppai is oppai<3 Nepgear oppai daisuke :D

    2. Yup! Uni is a Special one haha
      Chippai, Oppai, as long as they're between AA-E, I love'em :D
      (Vert is an exception)