Monday, August 19, 2013

High School DxD NEW Episode 6 - God is...Dead?!

Yo guys! Tadashi here and today I'll be talking about the 6th episode of High School DxD NEW which gives us tons of crazy information and some intense fight scenes. On a side note, sorry for the delay! I was waiting for FFF to sub it :P

You have been warned!

The episode starts off with Issei 'gifting' Rias with a huge energy boost. Of course, it wasn't even close to enough, and even with Akeno's help, they do no damage. Kokobiel does reveal something very interesting about Akeno - it turns out that Akeno is
Barakiel's daughter. Oh, and Barakiel is a FALLEN ANGEL.

Such a crazy revelation! I wonder how it'll play with the future events since this seems to have a focus on Fallen Angels.

Issei also shows us his man side and stands up for Akeno and Rias - again. This time, we get confirmation about how Akeno feels about Issei.

Kiba and Xenovia team up again to buy Issei time while he charges up his power in order to fight Kokobiel. It was nice seeing Durandal and the Holy Demonic Sword up against a Fallen Angel but they too were no match for him. He's just too strong for him.

During the fight, he does however reveal something very important. He tells us that the 4 Great Satans died in the last war, along with God. WHAAAAT?! Apparently, as long as the 'system' works, people wouldn't notice a thing. The Archangel Michael is the one who is substituting for God and is done a fine job as he is unnoticed.

Xenovia broke down damn

We all know of Issei's immense oppai willpower and his ultimate dream. He again exclaims it and makes Kokobiel laugh. He even offers him a place at his side where he will receive his harem no problem but he obviously refuses. Rias offers him something even better:

Issei's willpower skyrockets through the roof and gets an immense power up. He became strong enough to be able to punch and inflict damage to Kokobiel. He's super shocked but just as things were getting serious, the Vanishing Dragon finally makes its appearance.

He easily manhandles Kokobiel. The White Dragon's power is dividing the opponents powers and then transferring it over to its host. It's the complete opposite to the Red Dragon, Issei's power which is being able to power himself up and give that power in the form of a gift.

The two dragons exchange words but no fight happens. He seems to only be there to pick up Kokobiel and the priest. He leaves Issei with parting words of 'get stronger' so they can fight in the future. I honestly can't wait to see those two fight especially seeing how he easily manhandled this almighty Fallen Angel.

After all the fighting, Xenovia joins the Rias family as she has nothing left for her. Irina on the otherhand went back to HQ. Seems like her faith is much stronger than Xenovia's. I have a feeling she'll be back though. +1 to Issei's harem!

Post credits, Issei is playing videogames with that old guy when he suddenly reveals who he really is - he is Azazel, the leader of the Fallen Angels. I knew he was someone important! He doesn't seem like a bad person but....

Anyways, that's it for me. See you next episode (which should hopefully be on time).



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