Saturday, August 10, 2013

Love Lab Episode 5 - Broadcasting from the Heart

Hi ya! Fuuko here with Episode 5 of Love Lab.

Continuing off from Episode 4, the Student Council go with Riko’s Plan and broadcast their answer for miss anonymous student. Sayori and Suzune’s part was to distract the teachers while Natsuo and Yuiko go to the broadcasting room to give out the answer in English Literature? with Riko on guard.

“If girls want to give guys a gift, they should stay from handmade expensive items! The best way is ask them what they want.”

They successfully gave out their answer with miss anonymous feeling happy that she got an answer.

“It always takes courage and effort to achieve something. But never give up!”

They all wait for Riko to return and they celebrated for a job well done. Riko then asks them if they can help her with her English (no suspicion what so ever).

The next day, Sakagami-sensei meets with Natsuo in the Library and they had a nice chat. Riko heads for the Student Council Office and then sees Yuiko, Sayori, Suzune, and Natsuo (with an ominous purple aura) looking at her and wants an explanation of what happened during their broadcast. Riko tells them everything and makes Natsuo really upset. They made up and as punishment, they’re all making her study to get a perfect score in English.

And now we have Sayori’s “Aho” Chart version 1 and version 2.

Your fault for being an idiot Riko
She bought a male uniform…
Natsuo’s still number one! haha

Sayori then takes Natsuo out of the Student Council Office and Riko says that she wishes that a guy would help her study. Her wish came true.

Natsuo in a male uniform and calls herself Maki Makio
Very dangerous!

After Exams, Riko shows her English mark and the others were happy for her…in an okay way.

At least you did well

The next day, they got letter from miss anonymous saying that she and her crush talked a little bit and found out that her crush has someone he likes but is not giving up and thinking of a strategy to appeal to him and thanking the Student Council for the advice. This made them happy.

At the end of the episode, we see two mysterious students who seem to be interested in what the Student Council is doing.

This episode, we found out Riko is not that smart, Natsuo delusion levels increased by a yay lot, and miss anonymous isn’t giving up after hearing the advice from the Student Council. I wonder what will be the roles for the two mysterious characters.

Anyways, till the next love lesson.

- Fuuko


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