Monday, August 26, 2013

Ro-Kyu-Bu! SS Episode 7 - Time for Real Loli Basketball!

Hey guys! Tadashi here and today I'll be talking about the 7th episode of Ro-Kyu-Bu! SS which shows us the 5th grader team growing closer together and also brings us some good lolibasketball action with a tournament held by Maho's father.

By the way, the reason why there was no review last week was because it was a recap episode with no new footage at all so you didn't miss much. 

The episode starts off with everyone at Maho's house. They're there to celebrate something but they have no clue what it could be. Turns out he was under the impression that Subaru was to marry Maho and it shocked everyone LOL. Looks like Subaru already has his blessing... +1 for lolicon harem.

In reality, he just wanted to meet Subaru and thank him for taking care of Maho. He also told Subaru that if he wanted anything, he'd get it for him as a favor. Subaru came up with the idea for him to create a mini basketball tournament where teams can only consist of 5 players and no substitutions.

Meanwhile, the 5th grader's team is having some trouble themselves. During practice, Aoi flat out told them they aren't a team since they're all doing they're own thing during practice. If things continue this way, they're not going to stand any chance against our main loli team. This got them thinking that they need to change and change they did. The next day at practice, they were like different kids. They're seriously training now and this was all thanks to Coach Aoi<3

Coach Aoi<3 Doing some serious thinking...

The beginning of the mini basketball tournament came (surprisingly) very fast. Everyone was ready to play basketball and we're reunited with some old and new faces. Also, the maid inside Maho's house, was turned into a sexy bunny this time around. She was the showgirl and you'd think it was a little inappropriate for these little kids but they went and did it. Takanata sure enjoyed the view.

Takanata might have just gotten his first boner

The rivalry between the 5th and 6th grader teams is as intense as ever, especially between Maho and the twins.

Before the tournament actually started, we got to see Manaka-senpai<3 who was the girl last season with the broken leg in the training camp. She brought in a new rookie, named Miyakooujo Aya, as well. She's super tall, but not as tall as Airi. She went there to go talk to Airi about her height since she's tall as well. Aira was actually calm and didn't cry when she mentioned her height. She offered amazing words of advice to her and it was enough to make her own brother cry xD.

The two teams blew by their opponents and met each other in the semifinals. The match was pretty good but surprisingly the 5th graders were winning over the 6th graders. Their speed and stamina seemed to be working in their favor. 

Right now, the 6th graders are losing but you can't count Subaru and his lolis out just yet. They have plenty of experience and what fun would the match be if it was completely one sided? I predict next episode that the girls blow them out and meet Manaka-senpai's team in the finals. Now that will be a good match. 

Anyways, until next episode!



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