Sunday, July 21, 2013

Hyperdimension Neptunia The Animation Episode 2 - Lolis. Lolis Everywhere.

Caution: This WILL contain loads of Cuteness, PLOT ranging from AA-H (if you know what I mean), and some spoilers/references from the Game series

Fuuko: Lowee, a winter wonderland where Goddess Blanc and her two imoutos, Ram and Rom, rule. They (plus Vert) finally get more screen time!! Yay! (^_^) Anyways, let’s begin!

Other than watching Ram and Rom sleeping in a heart-shaped bed with Blanc in all-nighter mode (and yes, I will mention the opening again but after it…), that loli piss off, Abnes, shows up doing her role once again as the goddess paparazzi news de-motivator.

Back to the Episode. The Nep and Tsundere Sisters decide to visit Lowee which surprised Blanc, Ram, and Rom. Vert was there as well but with other matters to take off.

The goddesses are out having tea outside while the imoutos are playing in the snow making a “SnowBlanc”. They heard that there was a new amusement park called Super Nittenland (get the reference) and Vert suggests that they all should go and check it out but Blanc refuses to go.

At Super Nittenland, we see the imoutos having fun while Vert and Noire chatting with each other about Blanc and Neptune’s Peaches are being stolen by a turtle.

Ram and Rom found a bunch of reptile coins and Rom wants to give some to Blanc as a present. With Ram agreeing, they followed the trail. A certain “Pero Pero Pedo” and “Underling” are waiting for them at the other end.

Incognito my Ass!

Nepgear and Uni try to look for Ram and Rom but found them being captured by Hyperdimension Neptunia Mk2’s Little Loli Lover Boss and one of the “Four Felons”, CFW Trick and The mini boss, Underling (Linda). They try to fight but Trick’s tongue was too fast for them and they got KO’d (or probably Paralysis). Trick and Underling escaped.

Dat Tongue! (O_O; )

Back in Blanc’s Basilicom, the goddesses and the imoutos want to apologize to Blanc about the kidnapping of her two imoutos but she wants them to leave. She tries and reflects on herself on if she should have paid more attention to them as a sister and wants to do something about it. Then “she” arrives…

Abnes tries to get the scoop off of Blanc about her kidnapped imoutos while showing this live in Lowee which startled Blanc but she can’t do nor say anything to defend herself with Abnes doing some script crap to get Blanc to lose some Shares. Thankfully, Neptune jumped in and stopped Abnes. Then they were fighting on “who looks like a little girl” while the others kick out the camera crew. Abnes leaves and Blanc later collapses after.

Vert tells the others what she and Blanc were doing during Episode 1’s Dogoo fest. Apparently, there was satellite imagery service called Terra View that Lowee had a long time ago and the satellites are still functioning but shows low quality pictures. Leanbox developed a software that could analyse it and make the pictures high quality and they were going to share this to Neptune and Noire as a surprise present. After telling them this, the satellite was able to track down Ram and Rom and they were somewhere in Super Nittenland.

At the Loli Cave, Trick is licking Ram and Rom. Nuff said.

Knowing that Ram and Rom are “safe”, the goddesses and imoutos begin their rescue mission. Vert begins by sacrificing herself to Trick to save Ram and Rom. But Trick no like dem F-cups and he insulted her oppai saying that they'll sag at one point. Vert gets pissed, transforms to Green Heart (also leveling up to a G), and strikes him with her spear blasting him off into the air only to find out that Ram and Rom are nowhere to be seen.

Bigger is always better! (get the joke)

Next, Uni and Black Heart find Underling. Underling tells them everything and tries to get the easy way out but got the same treatment as Trick.

Somewhere in Super Nittenland, Trick tries to get Ram and Rom (again) by using his tongue but was stopped by Blanc’s Hammer. Blanc shows up, transforms to White Heart, and beats the crap out of Trick.

Go Blanc-sama!

She later powers down and apologizes to Ram and Rom for not being a good sister and they forgive her. Meanwhile, the Nep Sisters are still waiting for their time to shine but it’s already over (FAIL! But hilarious at the same time). Somewhere in Lowee, the Lowee Maid hides in a corner and it turns out to be none other than Arfoire and she has a chest with a similar skill seal like the one jammed in the rocks in the first episode but now I'm thinking it’s a gem that activates the Virus status since in the games, if a CPU Heart or Candidate have the Virus status, they will either power down to human form (if HDD is on) and/or can’t transform to HDD (if in human form).

In the end, Blanc tells them that she collapsed due to lack of sleep and thanks everyone for saving her imoutos and Rom shows Blanc her drawing. Blanc notices that Rom drew it on her Doujinshi (or Doujin; also known as Fan-made Manga/Comics) that she spent her sleepless nights on with Uni, Neptune, and Nepgear reading it and making her feel embarrassed.

I wanna read her doujin now…

And now, one of the catchiest ED’s I enjoy, “NeptuneSagashite” by Afilia Saga.

The outtake of the episode is where Abnes shows up but to where Ram and Rom was captured instead of Blanc’s room and left them hanging aka didn’t save them.

This episode seems to have full of Lolis, appearances of three more Neptunia Bad Guys, and we are also able to see Blanc and Vert transform. As a Neptunia player, it was kinda obvious that Trick would be in this episode since there are Lolis and Trick loves dem Lolis.

Trick: Lolis!

Well I think that’s all I have to say right now. See ya next Episode!

- Fuuko


  1. Nice review :3 :)
    Wonder if Sadie/Plutia shows up in the anime.

    1. Thanks :)
      And yeah, I hope that Pururun shows up at one point in the anime. It will be "hilarious" to finally see Sadie in action haha