Monday, July 15, 2013

Ro-Kyu-Bu! SS Episode 2 - The New Rival Team!

Hey guys! Tadashi here and today I'll be talking about the 2nd episode of Lolibaskets where Subaru's dad makes his appearance and shows us that, like his son, he too is a lolicon and we also see the formation of the rival team for the girls.

The episode continues off from the last episode with Tomoka versing Mimi 1v1. Mimi proves that she's not just your average loli basketball player but Tomoka is still way out of her league. She easily gets by her and sinks a freethrow with beautiful form.

The episode wasn't anything big. Mimi really wanted to verse Tomoka again so she approached the boys basketball time and asked to take over just so she could have a team to verse her. Takenaka decided to round up 5 girls to create a 'rival team' instead. It consisted of his two twin imoutos, Hina's imouto, Saki's personal rival and Mimi.

Enter the new lolibaskets mk2

The match between the two teams started this episode. Needless to say this new team is highly experienced. The twins have great chemistry...with each other while Hina's sister Kagetsu and Masami get a touch of the ball here and there. Mimi however doesn't get the ball and she even resorts to stealing the ball from the twins.

A timeout is taken and that's when Subaru's dad steps in and tells everyone he'll be the coach of this team. BAM episode over.

Some things about this episode:

1. Subaru's dad was the one who brought in Mimi from France. He is in charge of 'training' her *cough*lolicon*cough*. I wonder where she's staying? I don't remember it showing her inside Subaru's house.

2. Subaru's dad and move are complete lovebirds LOL.

3. Saki is actually really mature for age to a point where it makes me think she isn't a 10yr old girl.

4. During the match, we really get to see just how much these girls have improved.


Well that's it for me! See you guys next episode for some more lolibaskets!!



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