Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Love Lab Episode 3 - Let's do it!

Hi! Fuuko here and I’ll be talking about Episode 3 of Love Lab.

The episode starts off with Riko thinking about what Sayori said to her. Then she saw Natsuo doing something. Apparently, she was just trying to hide from Sayori.

Riko and Natsuo started walking with each other and Riko saw that Natsuo’s eyes are red. Riko then tells Natsuo that she wants the take a break with student council stuff and they can’t do their love research stuff with Sayori snooping around. Natsuo grabs her hand and started running. Along the way she grabbed Suzune.

At the School grounds, Riko asks what’s wrong with Natsuo and Natsuo says…

These reactions are priceless! haha

At the top of the School Building, Yuiko and Sayori are talking and saw the current SC members and started a verbal assault battle.

Sayo and Yuiko head for the Student Council Office and Yuiko found their Love Research Notes.

This is gonna be interesting

The Next day, Riko and Suzune were about to go to the Student Council Office but saw Natsuo collapse in front. In the Infirmary, the nurse says that Natsuo was working too much and Riko should have noticed it since she’s her assistant. Riko then leaves.

Yuiko tells Sayori what the Current SC Members are doing based on the Love Research Notes though looks like she got interested.

It’s too obvious, Yuiko

Yuiko leaves to make copies of the notes to slip into the Class Rep Meeting and Riko and Suzune show up and wants Sayori to return as the Treasurer. Sayori agrees that she’ll do it only if Yuiko goes back to being SC President.

Riko, Suzune, and Sayori talk about both Natsuo and Yuiko (with Sayori saying more cons than pros about Yuiko). Meanwhile, Yuiko was copying The Love Research Notes as well as extra stuff that she got from a teacher and then goes back to hear Sayori saying that she likes her as President than Natsuo which made Yuiko happy then makes her angry by saying another con about her.

Riko and Yuiko finally meet but only to fight about Yuiko’s pride. It turns out that Yuiko wants Natsuo to ask her for help but Natsuo ignored her since she also has pride of her own. Meanwhile, a teacher accidentally mixes up the papers that Yuiko copied and leaves. Yuiko shows up a grabs half of the mixed copies thinking that they’re all the love research notes.

At the Class Rep Meeting, A student notices the love research notes and they start saying bad things about Yuiko and Natsuo but Riko and Sayori put them in a different direction and resolved the misunderstandings.

At the end of the meeting, Natsuo says that she’s glad that Riko saw her that day and Yuiko and Sayori return to the Student Council as Vice President and Treasurer respectively. At the End of the Episode, a student puts something in the suggestion box.

For School or Love Research?

This episode, we see the rivalry and friendship of Sayori and Yuiko as well as Pride from both Yuiko and Natsuo, Riko is getting more and more cuter, Yuiko is actually cute, and Suzune still thinking that Riko is her "wine". I really want to know what that girl put in the suggestion box. I hope we know what it is next episode.

Anyways, Till the next Love Research lesson!

- Fuuko


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