Wednesday, July 10, 2013

C3-bu Episode 1 - Kawaii Version of Call of Duty?

Welcome! Fuuko here and today I’ll be talking about the first episode of Fairytale Adventures...

Uhh...I mean Stella Jogakuin Koutou-ka C3-bu (or C3-bu for short).

It appears that it started off like a Cinderella fairy tale style but once Yura Yamato entered Stella Girls’ Academy, it looked amazing.

I swear that I've seen this design from another Anime

Once she reached her dorm, I loved that reaction when she felt and saw the gun under her pillow.

I would make that face too if I saw that under my pillow!

We also see a whole pile of military stuff.

I think someone was ready for a Zombie Apocalypse or something like that haha

Somewhere in the old building of the Academy, we see Karila, Rento Yachiyo, and Honoka looking for new recruits for their club, C3. The girls are planning on how to get new students, especially oddballs and weirdos, to join the club but they’ll just get scolded if they do anything like hurting or heckling civilians. So they gave up and decided to do a Rambo-style gun battle so Karila wants Rento to get Sonora’s M60 and Rento saw Yura in Rambo mode.

Oddball spotted!

With Yura having a warm welcome by C3-bu (thinking that it’s some tea club), Yura’s perspective of them changed after finding out what C3-bu really is. Back to square one, Rento baits Yura with cake and wants her try out the mock battle at least once. So they have a 4 vs 1 Rambo-style mock battle with a 15 minute time limit.

Yup…It’s Call of Duty...Soft version

The episode ends off with Sonora at a gun range.

This one seems to be really enjoyable. Having cute girls interested in gun battles as well as playing a gun game is pretty interesting. And the characters are pretty unique, especially Yura and her fantasies which includes picturing herself as Cinderella when she's down or as one of the Sheriffs in the mock battle.

The gun battles seem to be the most interesting to me. The way it turned from all cute to some action (though it looks like paintball but with soft bullets and a snack for a knife) is pretty cool. It's like these girls are made for gun battles haha.

I hope we get to see more theme related gun battles in the later episodes!

See you all next episode!

- Fuuko


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