Tuesday, July 09, 2013

High School DxD NEW Episode 1 - Oh My Oppai! Issei Is So Lucky!

You have been warned!

Osu! Tadashi here and today I'll be talking about the 1st episode of the highly anticipated High School DxD NEW. Oppai everywhere and I'm soooo glad it is uncensored. Thanks to FFF for the quality subs.

The episode starts off with Issei waking up to the best thing anyone in the world could possibly wake up to: Rias, but naked, hugging him like a pillow. Omfg. She also says Issei can 'go down on her' like what whywhywhy I'm so jealous fuuuu t(-_-t)

But hey, this guy played hero. He crashed a wedding you didn't want, defeated the guy who was going to force you to marry him and yeah, he saved her. You can't blame Rias for falling for Issei after that! Hell, any girl that doesn't fall for someone after those kinds of efforts is crazy!

Issei goes to school and his friends tell him that they've started the craziest rumors about him and all the club members simply because they are jealous. Don't worry guys, I know how you feel. Issei is one lucky motherfucker. As they were talking, Issei's left hand started acting up which means he has to go to Akeno in order for her to cleanse it. And yes, she definitely knows how to cleanse.

HOLY CHRIST WHY IS SHE SO FREAKING HOT. The fact that this show has two of the hottest girls in anime and they are basically naked 50% of the time ...omg. Anyways, Akeno and Asia apparently sealed Issei's arm so it could stay in its human shape but every now and then it starts acting up and it has to be 'drained' by Akeno through sucking it out. Yes, she has to suck his fingers after cleaning her body ^
There's apparently more to this ritual but it wasn't shown. Maybe in the BDs we'll get the extra footage.

After school, they met at Issei's house for their club meeting and that's when Issei's mom brought out photo albums of Issei.

Ah, Rias is so interested! 
Kiba gets a glance at one of these photo albums and sees Issei with another girl when they were younger and in the background was a Holy Sword. This reminded Kiba of his true purpose and that it is for Vengeance. He lives to destroy Excalibur and ever since seeing this photo, his head has been in the clouds.

During the following battle, he was spacing out and it resulted in Koneko-chan getting injured. He left early and was in emo mode as he walked home.

It then cuts to a scene where two mysterious girls appear in a church and are waiting for someone. Turns out one of the girls was Issei's childhood friend in that picture and they are both definitely going to be added to Issei's harem.

Back to Kiba, he is on his way home and encounters the priest from the first season. This time, he has a Holy Sword and called it Excalibur. Is this really the sword? And why is in such a low-level guy's hands? Kiba swears vengeance!

This guy just needs to disappear already
And that was the first episode of the amazing High School DxD NEW that delivers plenty of fanservice and oppai but doesn't leave out the plot (no, not PLOT surprisingly).

Some other observations:

1) Akeno almost admitted she felt 'love' towards Issei. YOU HAVE HER UNDER YOUR SPELL TOO WTF FUCK YOU! t(-_-t)

2) That guy Issei visited is definitely going to play some role later on. He's even in the OP. But what is his role? He mentioned only having his soul and that painting hm...

3) Koneko-chan's 'heh' punch<3 She's just too adorable. 

Next episode will likely expand on the introduction of the 2 girls and I'm hoping Kiba is there when it happens. This season apparently focuses more on Kiba's struggles. It'll be interesting since he's always been a great character. I haven't read the Light Novels either so everything will be a surprise for me.

Anyways, see you guys next episode!



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