Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Servant x Service Episode 2 - Chihaya's an Otaku?! Toko's a Bro-con!

Hiya! Fuuko here and I'm gonna be talking about Episode 2 of Servant x Service. This starts off with Yamagami looking for Saya and Yamagami finds her hiding under the counter.

Playing Hide-and-Seek is my answer

It turns out that she wants to evade the elderly people since she feels bad listening to their stories but Hasebe (being the greatest guy ever) states that if she keeps hiding, she can’t do her work.

Shocker isn’t it…

With Saya feeling down, Yamagami and Hasebe want Taishi to make Saya feel better but it made him feel down after saying good things about all the newcomers.

I know how you feel…

Wondering if Saya’s okay now, Hasebe tells Yamagami to act like she’s still learning to make Saya feel better. Yamagami agrees with it and she drops the documents with Hasebe being Hasebe.

Hasebe FTW!

After that, Yamagami asks Chihaya for advice but instead Chihaya wants her to take over her shift for the next day for one reason only, COSPLAYING!

Yup! Chihaya’s an Otaku.

Next day, Yamagami seems to be interested in Chihaya’s manga and we also find out that Hasebe is a gamer.

I played some of those games too haha

We also get introduced to a high school student that knows the Welfare department well. Her name is Toko.

That mark on her cheek pisses me off but she’s kawaii as fuck

Toko wants to test the newcomers to see if they’re good enough to be there. Hasebe starts off and passed along with getting her e-mail address. 

Hasebe’s on a roll!

Saya goes next but she’s too nervous and Toko gets pissed. Luckily, the Old Lady shows up to protect her.

That’s one loyal customer

Toko thought that Yamagami was the normal one until she found out how long her name is after asking for it.

Stop interrupting and let me know the whole name!!

Taishi then tells Toko that she's disturbing them then Toko cries. Taishi tries and calm her down with everyone else giving him an icy stare. Apparently, she’s Taishi’s sister.

You should’ve said that earlier…

The rest of the episode talks about why Toko likes the Ward Office but in truth, she loves her brother based on the ending of that story.

Another Oreimo story?

The next day, Toko gets pissed at Saya for saying that Taishi will never understand her feelings, Taishi kicks her out because he’s bothering Saya, but Saya says that Toko can still teach her more about the Ward Office to make her able to come back, and Toko goes all Tsundere and becomes happy in the end.

Still kawaii as fuck

This episode we get to see more of Chihaya and Taishi, get introduced to Tsundere imouto Toko, Yamagami’s oppai are bigger than F cups, and Hasebe still being Hasebe.

And now for Chihaya’s Words of Wisdom for Cosplaying.

Well said

See you all next shift!

- Fuuko


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