Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Love Lab Episode 1 - The Wild One and Fuji's Princess

Hi! Fuuko here and I’m going be talking about the first episode of Love Lab.

The episode starts off with the introductions of Riko Kurahashi and Natsuo Maki and their nicknames in Fuji Girls Academy.

Riko was then asked to bring some documents to the Student Council but saw something that was either disgusting or amazing hilarious...

Maki soon becomes upset that someone found out about what she was doing but Riko says that she will not tell anyone and now she’s helping Maki with some love experiences or love training like the bumping into someone around the corner.

I think these are the right methods haha
The following day, Riko is forced to join the Student Council as the President’s Assistant but just to help with Natsuo and her Love Training (thinking Riko is a Love Expert).


They try practicing holding hands but it turned out to be hilarious. Riko also experiences the boys' side during the love training.

Throughout the rest of the episode, they talk about more love training - stuff like dropping the handkerchief, being a klutz and how making mistakes is sometimes a good thing, and seductively showing the nape of the neck. But in the end, the first-year secretary shows up and runs off while Natsuo is in lala land thinking the first-year secretary is a fairy.

While watching this, I find it hilarious and amusing. The way they use the love training methods and making them a total failure was the greatest thing I've seen so far unlike the Anime or (people, if they actually tried it/happened to them) that use them right and making me think if all of them worked.

Character wise, Natsuo seems to be good at everything except for anything that's love related and Riko is not at all a delinquent but just someone with a tomboyish attitude who has sorta experienced it but like a average kid/teen (or some of us) had been through, the "Crushes" phase.

I wonder what other love related events will they be doing next?

Anyway, till next episode!

- Fuuko


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