Friday, July 26, 2013

Servant x Service Episode 3 - A Yamagami Episode

Ya-ho~! Fuuko here and I’ll be talking about Episode 3 of Servant x Service.

This episode starts off with Taishi thinking if he was a reliable senpai but Chihaya says that he failed since he asked a temporary employee like her that question. Chihaya then talks about Yamagami saying that she’s dangerous but Taishi thinks that Chihaya’s train of thought is dangerous.

Yamagami talks to Taishi about a Document and Taishi starts petting her on the head out of habit. Once Taishi leaves, Yamagami was seen by Toko. Apparently, Toko is there to give Taishi lunch.

In the Office, Yamagami’s bra hook broke. She tries to hide it but it was noticeable.

Trying to make sure that no one else notices, Hasebe finds a way to make her go home early so Yamagami can get out of this embarrassment by saying she had a cold which surprised the others since they thought he was going to say “Are your Bra hooks broken?” or something like that straight to her face. So after hearing that, they all convince Yamagami to go home. The next day, Yamagami told Saya and Chihaya that she actually had a cold and now is fully rested and ready to work but she notices that her co-workers are acting strange but doesn't know why.

The rest of the episode is Hasebe trying to find a way to get Yamagami’s e-mail Address. When he tries to talk to her, instead of asking for her e-mail, he either makes fun of her, treats her to a meal, or helps her out when she needs it.

In the end, as payback for helping her, Yamagami wants to repay Hasebe and Hasebe says that she has to tell him her oppai size (as a joke) but she said it’s okay which surprised Hasebe that she agreed to tell him. Yamagami then tells Hasebe her oppai size.

This episode seems to be a Yamagami episode and somehow involving her oppai as well. Sooner or later, we might even know her oppai size and remember, they’re bigger than F-Cups.

Now for Hasebe’s opinion of life:

Never thought life that way…
Anyways, till next shift!

Take care of that next time, Hasebe…
- Fuuko


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