Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Hyperdimension Neptunia the Animation Episode 8 - Welcome to R-18 Island! PLOT Censored!? Time to wait for the DVD/Blu-Ray edition!

Caution: This WILL contain loads of Cuteness, Fanservice, PLOT ranging from AA-H (if you know what I mean), and some spoilers/references from the Game series

Fuuko: The fight for Nep’s pudding goes on!

…The pudding fell

…Nep-Nep scolded P-ko

Looks like the rest of the Party arrived.

They all support Peashy

In the Basilicom, Pururun comforts Peashy.

So cute~! (^_^)

Looks like they’re going to R-18 Island.

R-18…Fanservice and O-P-P-A-I! (O_O;)
Tadashi: I belong  here...

After the Opening, looks like the CPU Hearts, Purple Sister, and Pururun are the only ones going… [WHY NO UNI?! (>_<;)]

Pururun: I wanna fly by myself!
Neptune: No!
Pururun: You suck!

Apparently there’s something fishy going on that Island…

Back at Planeptune’s Basilicom, Uni, Ram, and Rom are left behind with Compa and IF wondering if Peashy’s okay…

She wants to apologize to Nep-Nep

At R-18 Island, the have to get in by answering one question (in their mizugis Goddess form edition [and Pururun being Pururun]), “Are you an Adult?”

Vert, Noire, Neptune, Nepgear: Approved due to C+ cups

You be tripp’in my Chippai Goddesses?!

Blanc, Pururun: Entered by special permission aka destroyed by Blanc’s Axe
That’s one way to get in… (^_^;)

Once they’re all in, they meet Linda again. She turned over a new leaf (or so the script says…). She’s also their tour guide (apparently).

Now for the main event of Fuuko comments, Oppai Heaven!!! \(^o^)/ The censored Edi~tion!

My reaction is the same as Nep’s (^_^)
 Sucks that it’s censored by those Mysterious Light Beams… (_ _;) I wanna be one…

YES! I like where this is going (^_^)

Nepgear joins the FUN! Hehe (^_^)
Tadashi: Nepgear is best girl<3
Come on Blanc! Noire! Join in!

*tsk* Blanc found out…

PURE NEPGEAR?! (O_O;) A Blu-ray version of this episode should be great right about now!

On the second half, they had some normal beach fun time. Linda then gives them some refreshments but it looks like it was drugged.

The best moe scene of Neptune so far

Blanc’s about to get-…uh…Pururun?
Yup…Dominatrix Pururun is here…Take as long as you want…

 Back at Planeptune’s Basilicom, Swimming time with IF, Compa, Uni, Ram, Rom, and Peashy (^_^)

Huh? Rei?

Back at R-18 Island, they finally went to see what they’re looking for but it turned out to be a bubble machine…

With another reason why I want a Blu-ray version! (>_<;)
Huh? Anonydeath?

Back at Planeptune’s Basilicom, Rei is there to get Peashy.

Here we go…

The CPU Hearts, Nepgear, and Pururun return to Planeptune only to get some upsetting news…

At some random hideout, we meet our fabulous, Noire loving robot, Anonydeath, once more and he was the one who told Rei to get Peashy.

What are you planning here in the Anime version?

Looks like we also get an updated ED Animation.

This episode we get to see loads of (censored) Oppai, Linda getting Pururun’d, and one of the saddest events ever, Peashy leaves without Neptune knowing till the end of the day.

I’ll end this off with Pururun being cut off after Introducing Original Character Setag in Nepstation.

- Fuuko


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    1. Blame Fuuko for being late >_>
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