Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Hyperdimension Neptunia the Animation Episode 9 - Papa Anny, Mama Rei, and their loving daughter and...New Goddess P-ko/Yellow Heart?!

Caution: This WILL contain loads of Cuteness, Fanservice, PLOT ranging from AA-H (if you know what I mean), and some spoilers/references from the Game series

Fuuko: Neptune?! Itching do to work?! Relax girl! (O_O;)

Oh right…no Peashy…

After the Opening, IF and Compa are chatting with the other CPU Candidates. It looks like they found where Peashy is using the Satellite Imagery program.

In some area that they went before recently according to Pururun, they’re attacking…I'm guessing innocent idling pack of wolves that didn’t do anything yet…

Somewhere in Planeptune, IF and Compa wait for the CPU Candidates at the location where Peashy is. Once they got inside, it’s looks pretty empty…

Once they reach to the top floor, IF knocks on the door and it’s apparently unlocked. They found some campaign stuff about “No need for Goddesses” and whatnot…

Compa and IF remembers the flyers and the person who gave it to them

At the real hideout, Rei and Anonydeath are chatting about why she was chosen by him and he said because his client said so.

Anonydeath: You can’t run away now Rei. You're an accomplice since you were the one who kidnapped her.

Back to some area that they went before recently according to Pururun, Neptune and Nepgear are slicing and dicing the wolf pack with Pururun idling feeling sorry for the wolves.

Pururun’s pissed at Neptune
Tadashi: ^is my girl<3 SHO SEXY
Neptune VS Pururun

Pururun wins Neptune finally breaks
Nepgear: Histroie called! There’s a new nation that just formed! Neptune: EHHH?! (O_O;)

On the second half, Histoire said that the new nation is formed in R-18 Island [Noo! Oppai Heaven! (_ _;)]. Neptune, Nepgear, and the other CPU Hearts are already heading over there.

Uni, Ram, Rom: We want to go to R-18 Island too!

 At R-18 Island, the bubble machine attacks them…with Balloons…

Anonydeath (fabulous mode): Welcome to Eden!

Noire and Anonydeath have a little chat and a bubbly personality blonde CPU suddenly falls on Noire.

Falling CPUs 3 : Noire 0

It turns out to be Yellow Heart.

Vert: They’re bigger than mine! (O_O;)
Blanc: There goes your unique feature, Vert.

She’s also Eden’s CPU.

The battle between CPUs begin again!

Now to where Pururun is. She found Rei.

Fun Time!

Back to the Battle.


The CPU Hearts did their combo attacks
The truth about Yellow Heart is finally revealed!

Peashy?! Eden’s CPU?!
Anonydeath is Papa?! Rei is Mama?!

It looks like they’re declaring war on all other nations.


This episode we get to see a new nation called Eden being formed in R-18 thanks to Anonydeath, Peashy with no memories of Neptune or the other CPUs and has become Yellow Heart, and Uni, Ram, and Rom demanding to go to R-18 Island.

I think I’ll end this off with Rei reading erotica [WHAT?! (O_O;)]

- Fuuko


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