Thursday, September 12, 2013

High School DxD NEW Episode 10 - The Summit Begins!

Hey guys! Tadashi here and today I'll be talking about the 10th episode of High School DxD NEW where Akeno gets plenty of wanted screentime and the Summit meeting begins.

You have been warned!

We begin with The leader of the Angels, Michael, bestowing upon Issei Ascalon, the Dragon Slayer. Because Issei is apparently the weakest dragon host in history, he is given this legendary blade to help him. He also tells him that he places all of his hopes on Issei. Talk about pressure, huh?

Maybe you'll be able to stand a chance in fights now...

After he leaves, Akeno and Issei are sitting alone having tea. He brings up what Kokobiel said about her past. Akeno doesn't like this topic, but she tells Issei everything. She is the daughter of Baraquiel, a Fallen Angel and also a human. Her wings are half Fallen Angel and half Demon and she thinks it's disgusting. She absolutely despises it but Issei being the amazing person he is looks past it. Sure he hates Fallen Angels because of what they did to him (and Asia) but he likes Akeno as a person. Talk about scoring HUGE points with Akeno the lucky bastard...

Issei scoring Akeno points!
I second this
Wanna share your life...

Of course, as things were getting heated, and Issei was using Akeno's lap as a pillow, Rias walks in. She's obviously not happy about this situation and begins to get sad. Akeno said that Rias was Issei's favorite but she doesn't believe that anymore because of how Issei only sees her as the Prez (at least in her eyes).

Ouuu she looks pissed
Stawwwwwwwwwwp :(

Back to the clubroom, they continue training Gaspar using various methods. Issei and Gaspars relationship has deepened but he's still aiming for his true goal: getting Gaspar to master his ability in order to freeze girls so Issei can sexually harass them. Even Koneko-chan realizes his true intentions.

Kiba's facepalm LOL

Next we have the actual Summit meeting where the talks between the Fallen Angel leader Azazel, the leader of the Angels Michael, and Rias' brother Luficer aren't going to smoothly. Azazel makes it seem like he doesn't care for these talks and just wants to sign the peace treaty which shocks everyone else. They all believe that he may be up to something else...

The best part of this episode was all the screentime Akeno got with Issei. She is by far one of the more appealing girls because of her boldness and she ranks behind Rias but not by much. I was really hoping there would be a special kiss between them but I guess that's only reserved for Rias hehe~

You win<3

Until next episode guys!



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