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Shingeki no Kyojin Episode 25 Final - S2 WHERE ARE YOU?!

Hey guys! Tadashi here and today I'll be talking about the 25th and final episode of Shingeki no Kyojin which really delivers a good final episode with a cliffhanger that will make your jaw drop.

Woops Titan incoming!

The episode begins with a group of religious people praying for the walls Maria, Rose, and Sina. Just as they were giving thanks for the walls preventing titans from invading, BAM Annie falls and kills many people there. The priest is in disbelief that there's a titan inside the walls. But why is the priest telling the titans to stay away from the walls? Is it because he worships them as gods or is it something else...

Annie leads Eren into an open area where they can have their fight with no interruptions from the RC or MP. This is truly an epic fight. Because of their sheer size and strength, the word that comes to mind is colossal. That, or titan which is pretty appropriate considering the title of this series.

Back to Erwin, he admits that everything was his personal decision and he is ready to take full responsibility. He easily shuts the guy pointing the gun at him up by telling him what he needs to do if he were to kill Erwin. He would have to be the one to take control of the situation. Erwin was then handcuffed and taken away by the MP.

salt on open wounds T_T
Armin also said a pretty good line about how someone who can't sacrifice anything can never change anything and it shows Eren and Annie fighting. He believes that Eren is someone who will be able to change the world and also says that Annie was able to throw away her humanity in order to do what she's doing.

Back to the fight, Annie seemed to have the upper hand. She was smashing Eren's face in while we also got continuous flashbacks of her past. It seems her father made her do something but in the end he was wrong. He told her that even if the world hates her, he will always be on her side. With these flashbacks running through her mind, she really let out her emotions and you can tell from the way she was smashing Eren's face in. Her past must mean so much but we don't know about it yet!

What did he do?!
Bye bye face
Don't do drugs
Eren began to lose himself in his rage and suddenly was surrounded by flames as he continued to fight Annie. With his rage, he ran after Annie who had begun to make her escape. Eren chased after her, tackling her to the ground while the other soldiers stood in disbelief. Two massive titans are fighting each other right in front of their eyes. It's only normal to be awestruck.

Eren wasn't holding back either. He grabbed Annie's face and squeezed it causing a gruesome sight that even made m cringe. Annie kicked Eren off of her and began to make her escape.

roid rage uh oh
lehffheakh arghhhhh
This could definitely be taken the wrong way LOL
I can't even imagine this pain...
She tried to climb the wall in order to get to safety but just as she was nearing the top, Mikasa came down and rained hell on her fingers. She had the most epic moment while Annie fell and I honestly dropped my jaw.

Dat face D:
As she was falling, we're once again shown more flashbacks which gives us hints to her past and why she's doing what she's doing.


Once she fell, Eren took advantage and jumped on top of her. Everyone could see his rage and thought Eren would not only kill the titan, but kill Annie at the same time. Right as he opened up her neck, he saw Annie crying and froze, unable to finish the job.

This is Annie's dad speaking
Ouf D:
Eren talking...and Erwin....I AINT SCURD
Annie's dad still talking
Awe T_T
There was some kind of fusion going on and just as Eren looked to be in trouble, Levi came out of nowhere to save Eren. Annie then froze herself in a state with the same unbreakable ice.

What's on your face?

Afterwards, Eren awoke in a room with Jean, Armin, an Mikasa by his side. Armin called Eren out, saying how it was his fault she was allowed to freeze herself. As Armin and Jean left, Jean had that 'upsetting' look on his face. He was really upset that in the end, they had lost to Annie.

Mikasa sho perrrty
During these scenes, we're again reminded of how beautiful Mikasa is. She isn't someone who can just fight and be a badass, but she's always a woman. A beautiful, gorgeous lovestruck woman. Not to mention the insert song was perfect.

Armin had a few things to say to during his talk with Jean. He strongly believes Eren can 'do it' as in kill all the titans and save humanity. With the scene of birds flying over the wall, I take it as symbolic and meaning setting themselves free. Eren mentioned during his rage that he is free.

Power of the MC!

Erwin had his hearing with the higherups where he explained his reasons as to why he did what he did. He told them of the new plan, that his Recon Corps will track down every titan inside the walls and it seemed to spare their squad and Eren's trial was also suspended indefinitely.

Post credits is where our epic cliffhanger comes in. In the holes that Annie made while trying to climb the wall, one of them cracked and inside the walls was a titan. WTF!

I see you ;)

That fight between Annie and Eren thooooooo! We caught many glimpses of Annie's past indicating her father may have done something to Annie and was either betrayed, mistaken, or just did something plain wrong and it would be why he was apologizing telling her that even if the world hates her, he will always be on her side. Other than that, we didn't get much information on Annie and whatever group she's apart of. However, like Armin said, she was able to throw away her humanity in order to help achieve her goal.

My favorite part was when Mikasa totally took out Annie from climbing the wall and as Annie was falling, she stepped on her face and said "Fall". One of the most epic scenes. We can't forget how Armin speaks of Eren. He believes he can truly be the one who can change the world.

The ending with the titan in the wall...there's so much it could mean! The 'story' we got in the middle of the episode explain about a miner who tried to dig through the walls to wall Sina but could never get through far enough. He asked someone in a tavern about it but he said he couldn't tell him why. The next day the miner goes missing and everyone tried searching for him. The guy in the tavern eventually also went missing and the hole he dug also disappeared. If you put these pieces together with the end, then these walls mean a lot more than we think.

I think that the titans are actually what make up the wall. It's ironic that these walls are meant to keep titans out, but instead, they house titans. Maybe these titans were part of Annie's family or maybe these are just more experiments and could be the reason the titans are attacking the city. Either way, titans have been around a lot longer than we think if they make up these walls, especially the inner ones.

With this season being highly successful, I have no doubt in my mind that we'll get another season or two. Apparently, this season covered 33ish of the 49 chapters that are out. The author of the manga also plans on ending this in 20 or so volumes so all that's left for us is to wait. Even the actors and people involved have expressed that they are all onboard for a second season.

The overall ending was pretty good and it left us with tons of questions that we can only hope will be answered in the future. Who is Annie? Who are the other humanoid titans? What's in the basement? And my own dire question - When will Eren see Mikasa as a woman!?

It's be a blast covering this show weekly. enjoyed this anime like crazy from its characters to its soundtrack. The crazy art design was a nice breather and the action scenes were great.

I'm pretty sure this will probably win anime of the year, as it's already ranked 3rd on MyAnimeList and not to mention everyone knows about it.

Anyways, thanks again guys for following this with me and reading my reviews. If there's any major news regarding SnK, I'll be sure to post it on my blog.

Visuals: 9/10

Audio: 9/10

Story: 9/10

Characters: 9/10

Enjoyment: 10/10

Overall: 9.2 titans out of 10

Until next time,


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