Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Shingeki no Kyojin Episode 21 - Pure Epicness

Hey guys, Tadashi here and today I'll be talking about the 21st episode of Shingeki no Kyojin which can only be described as epic and proved to be one of the better episodes of the series. Seriously, it was fucking epic.

The chase continues with the Female Titan after she killed Gunthar. By now, the squad realizes that she isn't one of them but before they had a chance to do anything, she transformed back into her titan form and began chasing after them once more.

The Elite Squad decide that Eren should go on ahead while they attempt to hold her back/attempt to kill her. They ask Eren to trust them, which he eventually agrees to and begins to make his escape.

I love you Petra<3

The squad shows us just why they are elite compared to the others. In no time at all, they showcased their incredible teamwork cutting the titan in the most vital areas using insane movements and tactics. They even cut both of her eyes so she couldn't see and backed her up against a tree. Just when things were looking great, and right when they were about to give the finishing blow, out of nowhere she ate Eldo. Right after Eldo was eaten, Petra died next, followed by the last guy (I don't remember his name right now woops).

Noooo Petra</33333333333333333333333333333

Eren witnessed everyone dying and realized he had made a mistake. Right then and there, he transformed into his titan form and began to fight the Female Titan head on. (Now this is when it starts to get even more epic).

Eren and the Female Titan were having a crazy fight showing us just how agile they both can be. Compared to the normal titans who weren't that quick and were very sloppy, Eren and the Female Titan were insanely quick and sharp. Eren's punches were strong enough to break his own hands when they connected with the ground.

Here he had his little monologue where he figures that it's his fault everyone died. If only he had transformed sooner, none of this would have happened and together with Levi and the squad, they could have easily taken down or captured the titan.

For a second, Eren lost himself in his rage and was caught off guard. That's when the Female Titan, who was obviously cornered, sliced off Eren's head and ripped Eren out of the neck with her mouth. She did this just as Mikasa arrived. Mikasa was speechless arriving to a scene where Eren was ripped by the Female Titan's teeth. That's when she went into her 'save Eren mode' and we all know just how serious she can get.

GG x2

She shows us why she is among the best of all the soldiers. She singlehandedly brought the Female Titan to her knees with almost no struggle. Her face was one of the scariest faces I've seen and you could truly see how she felt. She went for the weak spot behind the neck but the Female Titan hardened it just as it was slashed causing Mikasa's blade to break.

Blood + Scary Mikasa = Nightmare for whoever's her enemy

As soon as she switched blades and was going to go in for the next strike, Captain Levi came in and stopped her telling her they're going to follow her from a distance before doing anything. You guys know what this means, right? Levi x Mikasa vs Female Titan. A fearsome duo indeed.

The sheer epicness from the fights this's hard to find any other word. Just watching the crazy maneuvering the Elite Squad used against this seemingly unbeatable foe, two smart titans fist fighting showing us human-like fighting styles and moves, and the emotions that were helped brought out by the art and music only makes this episode special.

Some other things about this episode:

1) Armin realizes that the titans aren't after the destruction of the walls. If they really wanted that, they wouldn't have stopped. He realized that they're after something that they didn't expect and it would be another human-titan which would be Eren. Whoever wants Eren was someone who had witnessed Eren transform. Leave up to Armin to deduce this.

2) Fuck Petral died</3 I wanted her to survive the most!

3) As Levi was moving through the forest passing the dead bodies of his comrades, I can't even imagine what he was feeling. Like Commander Erwin said, in order to do something about this, they're going to need to make a big sacrifice. I wonder if Levi is okay with this...he did just lose his entire squad. The rage he feels and what he'll do next to the Female's a scary thought.

4) Mikasa and Levi are teaming up. FUCK YEAH.

Anyways, until next episode ladies and gents!



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