Thursday, September 05, 2013

Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai: Megami-hen Episode 9 - Keima You Moron!

Hey guys! Tadashi here and today I'll be talking about the 9th episode of Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai: Megami-hen where Keima's plans finally begin to backfire and we find out something pretty important about Vintage.

The episode continues with Keima and Chihiro going to the rooftop. Keima begins to make his move on Chihiro asking if he can kiss her but just as he was about to do it, she says that it's her first time. This is an indication that she doesn't remember the conquest and doesn't possess a Goddess. This confuses Keima because this literally means she genuinely fell in love with him.

Bang Bang!

He has no clue what to do since her falling in love with him literally didn't follow any of the 'steps' or 'rules' that he believes are necessary. Chihiro tells him a very important line regarding love:

Obviously this situation isn't good for Keima since he needs to find the Goddesses so he ends up doing something that makes you a 1st-rate jerk. Even I cringed when he said these things. He told her that this entire date wasn't real and that he had pulled a fast one on Chihiro. He did this entire thing in order to 'get back at her for all the times she made fun of him. Clearly this isn't the case but he had to say this in order to get out of this situation. This broke Chihiro's heart and she ran away crying. To make matters worse, Ayumi overheard the whole conversation and you can imagine how she took this considering Chihiro is her best friend.

Ayumi Kick!
The Goddess inside Ayumi has some wise words...

Keima realizes, and admits. that he's a jerk. Poor guy. Things had to backfire eventually.

Later on, Keima's doing some thinking in the bathtub when Diana comes in. She admits that she has actually fallen in love with him and she doesn't know what to do since she's never really interacted with guys before. She knows she needs her wings and she still fully believes it's her fault that she hasn't gotten them because her love is interfering with Tenri's love.

Diana transforms into Tenri and they keep doing this back and forth because of how shy Tenri is and she realizes that Keima is actually really upset. Keima sends her out of the bathroom and she ends up waiting for him outside the door while he finished bathing.

Tenri tries to cheer Keima up by showing her magic skills and actually succeeds. It was cute watching her trying to cheer Keima up with her beginner-like magic tricks.

The next day, Keima is at school and he notices that their school emblem represents a goddess. He goes to investigate some things and finds out that the holes that he and Tenri used (and we saw in the Tenri OVAs) were filled up. It's something that couldn't happen naturally so some other party was involved. He has Elsie take him to a rock in the middle of the waters where he discovers what looks like to be Vintage's base. Here they make a terrifying discover - Vintage is raising Mature Loose Souls in order to revive Weiss.

Classic Keima

So, it looks like they're starting to set things up for a big bang. These Mature Loose Souls look nothing like the tiny ones they've been hunting. These look deadly and dangerous which only makes things that much more interesting. Also, what do the Goddesses have to do with the school? Its emblem is a goddess...
Nikaido-sensai is now confirmed to be apart of these other-worldly beings. But she doesn't look to be on the bad side as she reiterates that a homeroom teacher's job is to watch over her kids. Guess we'll find out soon enough.

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