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Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai: Megami-hen Episode 12 Final - Keima is Human Afterall

Hey guys! Tadashi here ad today I'll be talking about the 12th and final episode of Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai: Megami-hen which concludes the goddesses arc and really shows another side of Keima.

The beginning continues with Haqua and Luna's fight and it looks like Haqua isn't doing too well...

It turns out that Chihiro and Ayumi had made a plan in order to get Keima to tell Ayumi the truth. This explains why Ayumi was so aggressive with marriage and whatnot.

He arrives at the boat where Ayumi is standing waiting in her beautiful wedding gown. With the way things have gone, Keima is left with almost no choice but to tell Ayumi the truth about everything. He tells her he will allow her one question and he'll answer it no matter what. She ends up asking Keima if he really loves her and he says no </3

He explains that all he has is a Gamer's Love and continues with this marriage. Thanks to Nora, the boat was lit up beautiful and it was the perfect setting for a wedding ceremony. Their attitudes towards each other were funny to watch since they kept going at each other's throats.

Wait, so are they actually married now???

Once Keima sealed the deal with the kiss, Mercurious came out. Just as she did, Vintage approached the ship and in a split second, Diana flew in and took Mercurious away. It turns out that she did have her wings all along and it might have had something to do with Tenri telling Diana something.

Following this, Keima took Chihiro and they literally just left. I lol'd at how quickly and casually they left haha.

Meanwhile, during the battle, we get to see Diana use some powerful magic to take out a monster. It also shows us the end of Haqua and Luna's fight. Just as Haqua was about to finished off, Luna decides to let her go.

Diana oppai daisuke<3

Back at Keima's house, the tension is thick. She asks if there was something inside of her which would explain why he had the date with her and everything but he ends up saying no (which wasn't what he wanted to say. Use your imagination here guys >_>) and thus they parted ways in a very bittersweet fashion. Not before Keima caught a beautiful glimpse of Chihiro, the girl he's probably in love with (FACK).

Almost won me over...

It then cuts to all the goddesses sealing away that giant rock with their magic.

Annnnd we're brought to the day of the festival performance. At first, only Chihiro and that keyboard chick are there and planned to perform with just them two but Ayumi, Yui and Elsie showed up in the nick of time. They performed their song beautifully and Kanon even came up on the stage to sing with Chihiro. She thanked her for what she did as well.

Best girl?!<3
Not best girl :(
Possible Best girl too<3

During the performance, there's one really strong scene and that's Keima on the roof. He is by himself, crying because he didn't tell Chihiro what he meant to say. Now THIS is character development. Old Keima wouldn't have given two shits after he was finished his mission. Now, he's atop the roof crying.

With a nice epilogue showing Haqua living in the Katsuragi residence after being 'fired', Nora getting the credit for the Vintage ordeal, and Vintage being sentenced, we get the ending of season 3.

Wow what a ride. At first, with the first episodes involving Kanon, I was supppppppppppppper excited. My expectations were high but as the show progressed, it slowly dwindled and things just kept becoming weaker and weaker. The conclusion we got...wasn't much of a conclusion. Tons of questions here:

1) What happened to the goddesses? Especially Diana since she also is in love with Keima.

2) Do the girls retain their memories? If they do, things will get rough between them and Keima again


4) Who is Nikaido-sensei?!?

5) Does Keima love Chihiro?

Well, there are more questions but I'll stop there. I personally just wanted either a Kanon, Ayumi, or Haqua ending but alas, we're given no final ending but we are leaning towards someone *cough* Chihiro*cough*

Since S1, Keima was all about games and conquering heroines. In S3, he began to develop as a character and that's shown with that scene on the rooftop where he is alone, crying. Keima doesn't do that...but he does now. He's developing a feel for the real world and it isn't too pleasant for him. Did he actually develop feelings for Chihiro? Or does he finally realize what he must have put her, and the other girls through?

In terms of story, it was a good idea to stray away from the capturing and conquering loose souls but it really did hit that harem hard. One girl after the other, with no real feelings involved (which really frustrated me at times). When he admitted he wasn't actually in love with Ayumi, I got a little sad. It was all like a game for him and the girls. I will miss the girls though. I definitely wouldn't mind a S4 or OVAs haha.

Visuals: 8/10
Audio: 8/19
Story: 6.5/10
Characters: 9/10 
Enjoyment: 8.5/10

Overall: 8/10

Bai Bai T_T

And that's the end of Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai: Megami-hen! Thanks for reading my crappy episodic reviews and I only hope to get better at this stuff. For those of you who looked forward to reading, thank you so much. Still a couple more shows left this season before Fall 2013 which will be super good.



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