Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Hyperdimension Neptunia the Animation Episode 6 - Lastation is Hacked Once Again by the Most "FAAAAAAABULOUS" Robot

Caution: This WILL contain loads of Cuteness, Fanservice, PLOT ranging from AA-H (if you know what I mean), and some spoilers/references from the Game series

Fuuko: Hmm?

OH MY! I like where this is going! Ghehehehe

*tsk* The opening cut off the stripping… (>_<;) Damn! I wanted to see mo- …Oh right, the episode… (^_^;)

After Noire’s stripping session and the opening, Neptune is playing to what I believe is Mugen Souls (PS3) [but I could be wrong] ignoring Peashy who wants to play with her. Peashy then cuts off Neptune’s console’s power supply (literally) and begins playing with her and we get some epic CGs.


At the top of Planeptune’s Basilicom, Yuri moments with Vert and Nepgear!


Okay, fun time over, Nep-Nep’s pissed.

Maybe just a little more… Ghehehehe

Apparently, Vert’s there because Blanc contacted them about something.

At Lastation’s Basilicom, Uni is showing Ram and Rom her pet, Clutter which is a long-eared bandicoot (get the reference).

Noire then asks Blanc what she wants to talk with her about and it’s about network security. Noire then starts talking about how great her network security is and even generous of giving a copy to Blanc (but for a small fee) but Blanc said that there are traces of the satellite being hacked into from a server in Lastation which shocked Noire.
Here we go again! But Anime version!

Blanc says it one more time but Noire cuts her off saying that a security breach is the same as being randomly hit by someone falling from the sky which apparently sets up one of my favourite Neptunia jokes “Falling Nep-Nep, Aim at Noire”.

Another Story, Same Result

Noire then scolds Neptune but it was all because Peashy was making fuss while she was flying and changed back to her human form by accident. Peashy then introduces herself to the rest of the CPUs with Neptune and Blanc doing a comedy skit. Blanc then asks Ram and Rom to go be friends with Peashy and begins playing with her. Noire and the other Goddesses go to a different area to continue discussing about Lastation’s hacked server while the imoutos stay in Noire’s office.

Uni then asks Nepgear for advice about Noire. According to Uni, Noire has been acting weird, locking herself in her office every night, doing something and she sometimes hear weird laughter (Obviously late night-…I should stop here…) which worries her so Nepgear decides to give her a mini camera that wirelessly transmits images and can compress and transmit HD video in real time but she really wants to see how the camera works which is basically shows that she loves Hardware and creeping out Uni (I think).
Nepgear, please give me it (^_^) [no suspicion what-so-ever]

At the room fill with Lastation servers, Neptune is laughing due to the fact that Noire’s servers are hacked and also imitating Noire saying that ‘Lastation has the best security’ which lightly pissed Noire but the reason the rest are here is so it doesn’t happen again as well as finding the person (or “thing”) responsible. Vert was apparently one step ahead and brought a specialist to help them out. The best part is, she’s an original character and the terrible puns of a certain ‘company’ come out.

Back at Noire’s office, Nepgear and Uni try out the camera with Ram, Rom, and Peashy playing around with Clutter. It works (with Uni being too pure and asking Nepgear to remove it) but they’re also getting clips from different angles meaning the Nepgear’s mini camera isn’t the only hidden camera in the office which surprised Uni.

Trying to try the person (or “thing”) who put the cameras in Noire’s office (I swear, it wasn’t me…yet…), the CPU candidates (as well as Peashy and Clutter) begin their quest on finding the person (or “thing”). Apparently, Nepgear has all of these tracing equipment and portable chargers that she never leaves without like some people. Peashy then goes to Nepgear saying that she’s hungry. Ram and Rom then says that they’re girls and they can hold off food for a while which Peashy has pride of and does the same thing while in a pouty face.

Nepgear, where do you keep these?!
Looks like Peashy had a big girl complex

Looks like Nep-Nep and the other Hearts are already going to the destination.

Nep-Nep, Ready, GO!
Noire, your voice too loud!
Epic PLOT shots! 
Well well… We meet again…

Nepgear and co. finally reach the same warehouse where the Goddesses are and Clutter suddenly goes in with Peashy going after it and the imoutos have no choice but to follow Peashy.

In the warehouse, Noire takes a look at the room to where the person (or “thing”) is and barges though the door. The Hacker and Spy is no other than one of Neptunia V’s Seven Sages’ “Fabulous” Robot who also loves and stalks Noire, Anonydeath.

This Robot…


Here’s his Noire Album!

Please send me those pics and videos! (^_^)

In another area of the warehouse, the imoutos are still looking for Peashy and Clutter.

Back at Noire fest, Anonydeath talks about how he loves Noire and is a fan of her but Noire doesn’t care about him nor the pictures and just wants to stop the hacking but then Anonydeath shows a prized collection of Noire Cosplay.

She’s sewing a Costume?

Idol Neptunia PP Noire!

K-ON! Noire!
Steins;Gate Noire!
Four Goddesses Online Noire!
Yup, she’s a Cosplayer

Seeing her embarrassing face, Anonydeath takes a picture.

Noire get pissed and says that he’ll be arrested for peeping but if he leaves the warehouse, the pictures will be scattered all over the world.

Put him in the slammer! Let the Pics be sent everywhere! (^_^)

This pisses off Noire to the max and she transforms and starts going after him but he sent data files to attack them and flees and telling them that leaking the Pictures was a lie (DAMN IT!!).
I call these enemies “Twintail Tsundere at Work”

During his fabulous getaway, Clutter suddenly jumps to him with Peashy trying to grab Clutter but another epic CG is shown.

The imoutos finally caught up to Peashy and apologizing to Anonydeath for bumping to him. Then he recognizes Peashy for some odd reason. Uni then picks up some of his documents realizing it is Noire on the documents and start transforming to Black Sister and starts to go after him at gunpoint.

BOO~! (-3-) I thought we’re gonna see some shrinking oppai in this transformation… (_ _;)

The door behind Anonydeath suddenly blows up and Black Heart and the other Goddesses on the other side trapping him and he gives up.

Anonydeath is captured, the imoutos saw all of Noire’s Cosplay pictures and Noire wants them to forget, Peashy is hungry, Neptune shares her pudding. Yup, Lastation got hacked arc is now over!

At Lastation’s Prison, Anonydeath made a Bluetooth call to someone saying that he found you-know-who.

I wonder who he was talking with? Maybe It’s-

Back in Lastation’s Basilicom, Noire asks Uni if she should stop Cosplaying but Uni said that she’s doing it as free time and they made up.
Lastation’s Tsunderes

At the end of the Episode, another Character is flying in the air and again has Noire being the Landing Point. Neptunia Fans rejoice! The Character we’ve been itching to see in the anime has finally arrived! Yup! It is no other than Ultradimension’s Planeptune’s Ditzy/Sadistic Goddess, Plutia (Pururut)! Or Plutie (Pururun)! er… Take your pick! I'm sticking with Pururun! (Tadashi: KanaHana VA spotted<3)


This Episode, we see that Noire is a total Cosplayer (but Neptunia Fans already knows this), Perverts can also be Robots (even if they act like homosexuals), Peashy still has her Neptunia V personality, some Game and Anime Cosplay references of Ram’s and Uni’s Four Goddesses Online outfits (Noire size), Noire’s Idol Outfit from Idol Neptunia PP (PS Vita), Makise Kurisu from Stiens;Gate, and Hirasawa Yui from K-ON! (though Noire’s hairstyle looks like Nakano Azusa (Azunyan) with the same guitar shape and colour as Azunyan's almost making me think she was Cosplaying as Azunyan), the first appearance of an original character for the anime version, and the epic introduction to Pururun!

Now the thing is, will Peashy or Pururun transform in the Anime series? Will we meet Noire’s, Blanc’s, and Vert’s Ultradimension counterparts (or are they gonna wear their Victory outfits)? Is there going to be more stuff into this arc? Will there be more PLOT (probably)?

I think that all I have to say. Now I leave off this episode’s blooper where Neptune was catapulted but she made a giant hole in Noire’s Basilicom instead of crashing on Noire.

Noire, that’s not how the joke works… you just got lucky



  1. So she's a cosplayer and a tsundere... and also I hope Pururun and Peashy transforms. One with (?) Cup oppai and one sadist. This will be a fun anime series hehehe >:)

    Great review! :3

    1. Noire is the best tsundere cosplayer out there \m/

    2. Thanks :)
      And Yeah! Noire is a Tsundere Cosplayer making her one of my favourites haha
      Pururun does transform next episode and now waiting for Peashy :D

  2. I mean in my opinion Noire is best overall nep