Thursday, August 29, 2013

Hyperdimension Neptunia the Animation Episode 7 - Another Victory Event! Neptune, Eggplants, and now with "the" Dominatrix!

  Caution: This WILL contain loads of Cuteness, Fanservice, PLOT ranging from AA-H (if you know what I mean), and some spoilers/references from the Game series

Fuuko: Cheers for Pururun being in the anime version!

Oh? What’s this? Neptune disliking Eggplants?

I think I know where this is going (^_^)

Op! Histy you’re vibrating!

Cross-dimensional call?

After the opening, Histy is having a chat with a Histy from another Dimension. Based on her outfit, that Histy is from Ultradimension but I’ll just call her Chibi Histy. Anyway, Chibi Histy was the one who sent Pururun to Hyperdimension to search for something (or someone) that moved there that has a big massive flow of energy with “it” and retrieve “it” but Chibi Histy still doesn’t know what “it” is. They end off the conversation with to make sure nothing changes to Hyperdimension.

During their conversation, P-ko and Nep-Nep are fighting…for Nep-Nep’s Pudding.

The next day, Histy tells the story and they were listening in their own way.

Multi-tasking FTW!

Right after IF and a Compa left, Pururun finishes her doll that looks like Nep-Nep with everyone looking at it.

Pururun’s Hobby: making doll versions of her friends…
And Sleeping

Meanwhile in the City of Planeptune, a lot of the roads are under construction so IF and Compa had to follow the detour arrows. Apparently, It’s a trap!

They’re back!

Back at the Basilicom, Nepgear wakes up everyone and showing that IF is hostage out on the field.

That very same field, IF regains consciousness and Arfoire shows off her battle plan (literally).

Arfoire: GENIUS!

And now, “The shoving of “WHOLE” Eggplants in IF’s mouth” begins!

I really don’t know what to say but…”WOW” (O_O;)

Oh good, they’re here! [safe flag set! (^_^)]

Er…Nevermind…Nep’s down…
Arfoire: Eggplant Knights! Go forth and attack them with thy spears of watermelon!

On top of the hut, “Pirachu x Compa”.

Now back the battle and Eggplant Shoving.

Oh SHIT! Pururun finally snaps! (O_O;)

Neptune: Let’s finish them off quick while Pururun handles her! 
 Nepgear: Hai!

Back at the hut, Pirachu jumps to Compa.

Back at the battle, Arfoire uses her last resort move:

Neptune is not amused
Planeptune CPU Triple Attack!

Back at the hut, Pirachu gets interrupted by Pururun (saving Compa) and became her Yo-Yo.

Returning to the Basilicom, IF seems to be fine.

Just now hates Eggplants

At the end of the episode, Pirachu and Arfoire take care of the Eggplant Farm together.

This episode was another version of the same event that happened in Neptunia Victory, though it was a side event. But still, we get to see a conversation with both Histy and Chibi Histy, Sadistic Pururun (or Sadie) in Action (though personally I wanted to see more), two almost or kinda H scenes or possibly 16.5 material (aka Pirachu x Compa and Arfoire shoving “WHOLE” Eggplants in IF’s mouth), and Arfoire giving up on World Domination and becoming a Farmer.

Now it’s time for “Fuuko’s Theory Corner”!

Based on what is going on, I think that Peashy is the one they’re looking for and I have a feeling that  Peashy might be also the season’s end boss for some reason… But this is just only my theory and they’re maybe other possible theories on whom or what they’re looking for.

Tell me what your opinions or theories are both new and veteran Neptunia Fans.

Now I'm gonna end this off with the next Episode preview. It looks like they’re going to having fun at the beach which means…MI-ZU-GIS!

PLOT is PLOT! FLAT is JUSTICE! Who cares! The next episode is going to be awesome!

- Fuuko


  1. Yay for reviews. (^_^)
    And if you haven't seen the next episode then you will probably enjoy <3.
    Hoping for the next review and all the funny comments o_o

    1. I've seen the episode 8. About a couple of times w/o subs around Friday morning and kinda the beginning to halfway w/ subs around yesterday at night :D
      I tend to get over excited when a new episode comes out and actually wait for a raw version to show up and watch it before a subbed version comes out haha... (^_^;)
      Gotta love the Neptunia series!! d(-_^)

    2. Episode 8 = nosebleed because of Nepgear<3333333