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High School DxD NEW Episode 5 - The Battle of Excaliburs! What is the True Goal?

Ohoho what's up guys! Tadashi here and today I'll be talking about the 5th episode of High School Oppai DxD where we get some serious action and a fight between Excaliburs with an appearance of a new sword and some hints to some ulterior plan.

You have been warned!

With the threat of Kokobiel, the situation is incredibly dire. It got to the point that Akena had to request help from Rias' brother, Satan, without even telling her at first. That's how much out of their league Kokobiel is. He is a Fallen Angel who fought with the Gods and Satan and survived so you can only imagine how strong this guy really is. The real question is how will Rias and co. be able to even lay a scratch on this guy? She said it best, that this situation is real since their lives are actually on the line unlike their last real battle.

With his powers, he easily blows up portions of the school, and as for his minions, he is able to summon Cerberus into the human world which apparently is just insane. He doesn't just summon one, he summons 3. Akeno and Rias take one, Koneko-chan takes another and the 3rd one attacks Asia. Right before it gets to Asia, Xenovia comes to the rescue along with Kiba. These Demons are no match for a Holy Sword so Xenovia takes it down with ease. Rias and Akeno take theirs down as well after they get a nice power boost from Issei's 'gift'. The question is, was the moaning really necessary? The answer? OF COURSE! 

One attack from Kokobiel was enough to do major damage:

The fight with Kokobiel continues. Rias and Akeno team up for an attack but it was rendered utterly useless. He easily caught them both and combined them into a very ominous looking ball attack and threw it at Rias. Luckily (or unluckily) Akeno got in front of it and shielded Rias while getting hurt in the process. Issei, being the man he is, ran and caught her as she was falling and got super mad at Kokobiel for hurting Akeno. That's when Akeno realized he truly is a man and showed a little blush in there hehehe.

Freed makes his appearance next after Balba completes his upgrade to the Holy Sword. He basically gives Freed an ultimate Holy Sword and it looks like things are going downhill for the gang. That's when Balba has a nice conversation with Kiba and explains more of his past. He presents a crystal that was made from past experiments and this saddens Kiba's heart.

After more sad moments, Kiba hits a certain 'point' where his Demonic and Holy side coexist. It is referred to as Balance Breaker and basically, it's a huge power up for Kiba. His sword turned into the Sword of Betrayal which is both Demonic and Holy. It is unheard of and completely baffels Balba. Even Kokobiel was a little surprised. He can now stand on par with this upgraded Holy Sword. Just as he was about to give the finishing blow, Xenovia comes in and asks to team up. We then get a nice little surprise...

Xenovia comes out and reveals her true nature and power. She is actually a legitimate and genuine wielder of a Holy Sword. The sword she possesses is Durandal and it's said it has the ability to split the Earth into two. Unlike Kiba and his friends who were engineered to try and make themselves Holy Sword candidates or possible wielders, Xenovia is a real one.

Durandal's powers are so great that she has to keep it sealed in another dimension and she herself has trouble using it. I wonder if there are any side effects to using a sword like this?

She easily breaks Freed's newly upgraded Holy Sword and he was rendered useless. Balba was still trying to figure out Kiba's powers and it seemed like he came to a certain conclusion. He said something about the balance being skewed between Demon and Holiness and as soon as he was about to reveal it, Kokobiel killed him. It seems that this is something he doesn't want to get out...

After his death, he decides to give Rias one more chance. He tells her to get Issei to boost her to max power with his 'gift' so Issei and Rias set off for this final battle hand in hand.

I have this feeling that Issei isn't going to let Rias fight. He's going to use the boost on himself and try to take on Kokobiel. He just seems like that kind of person.

Next week's episode will definitely be interesting. Can they defeat Kokobiel, the Fallen Angel who fought with the Gods and Demons and survived? Who will be the one fighting? There was also a glimpse of that guy with the white hair whom I believe to be the white dragon host. Maybe him or that old geezer will do something.

Anyways, here's this week's sexy middle cards huehue:

Mmmmm Koneko-chan<3
'Till next episode!



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