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Hyperdimension Neptunia the Animation Episode 1 - Been Waiting a Long Time for This!! Let's Break the 4th Wall!

Caution: This WILL contain loads of Cuteness, Fanservice, PLOT ranging from AA-H (if you know what I mean), and Nepgear (lots and lots of Nepgear) as well as some spoilers/references from the Game series

Fuuko: *humming “Dimension Tripper”* God I’m overly super excited for this!! Playing the games series didn't satisfy me enough. (^_^) Well anyway, let’s get started!

The story starts off with our goddesses, Purple Heart, Black Heart, White Heart, and Green Heart making a Friendship Treaty Ceremony with Purple Heart hosting it in Planeptune. In the After Party, they powered down to their human forms Neptune, Noire, Blanc, and Vert and enjoyed themselves.

One month later, Neptune is playing games while Histroie (or Histy) is getting pissed that Neptune is doing nothing, as well with Nepgear once she joins in bringing snacks and plans on playing with Neptune. Then Histy gets really pissed and pulls off the power cord of Neptune’s console. Neptune then tells kids to not do that at home with the ending of Histy hitting the viewer’s screen.

4th Wall Broken! XD

Then we have this great catchy OP that I’ve repeated more than the openings of all Neptunia Games combined called “Dimension Tripper” by nao.

Now back to the episode, Compa finishes work and catches up to IF. Then they bump to Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory’s final boss, Rei Ryghts and got flyer from her.

Looks like she’s doing it again

Meanwhile, Histy and the Nep sisters talk about Sharicite’s energy and how it's been decreasing recently since Neptune has done nothing to make her people like nor hate her. Compa and IF join in soon after. Neptune has to do something but she also wants to escape from the conversation so she says that she’ll get some pointers from Noire.

In Lastation, Neptune is relaxing in a lawn chair with a pillow with Noire being pissed and planning to not help Neptune. Neptune then says that Noire’s attitude is the reason why she doesn't have any “Sacred F-word” (The word is Friends people) then Noire goes all tsundere and says that she has one (which is obvious she doesn't) which piques Neptune’s interest. Uni shows up with finished documents and waiting for Noire to praise her but Noire only complemented her saying that she worked more than average. Neptune and Noire continue with the “Do you really have friends, Noire?” conversation.

Noire: I do have one! Neptune: Now I’m curious! Who is it?

Outside Lastation’s Basilicom, Nepgear and Uni have a chat about their big sisters. It appears that they (including Ram and Rom) can’t transform yet (but I think they might in the later episodes). Then Nepgear got a message from Rom feeling jealous that she and Uni are together.

In Lowee’s Basilicom, Ram and Rom want to go see Nepgear and Uni but instead piss off Blanc while she’s doing work with Vert via video chat.

I wonder what Blanc and Vert are talking about?

Back in Lastation’s Basilicom, to make Neptune not touch her documents, Noire finds two missions that are close to each other and close to Planeptune so Neptune leaves after. While walking to their destination, they had to stop for a bit but Noire made them keep going. Once they reach the destination, Noire Transforms to her HDD form, Black Heart. The transforming music almost sounds like the battle theme from Hyperdimension Neptunia Mk2.

Plot activated!

The first mission was taken care of with Neptune and Nepgear starting off with Uni taking pictures and IF and Compa joining in after. Then the Dogoos give us an event that was sorta the same in Hyperdimension Neptunia Mk2 but event better since it’s not a CG image. The battle theme they used here is what I believe is Hyperdimension Neptunia’s OP “Ryuusei no Bifrost” by nao.

Note: I’ve seen too many battle scenes in the games so I went to the fanservice route

The second mission was taken care of by Black Heart first but then an Ancient Dragon appears and Black Heart reverts back to Noire after hitting her back on the wall with what I believe is a skill seal jammed within the rocks. Neptune shows up and transforms into Purple Heart saving Noire and completing the mission.

Now that’s a comrade!

They part ways after and in Planeptune, Histy was amazed with Noire increasing Planeptune’s shares but it turns out it was Nepgear’s Kawaii Dogoo mission pics that Neptune mistakenly sent to the all-citizens mailing list instead of her mailing list. (Best Mistake Ever!) In the end of the episode, IF and Compa bump into Rei again but this time, the flyer is an explosive art.

I never thought I would see that eye sore again haha There were about three in Neptunia V

We also get a glimpse of Arfoire (Magiquone), Pirachu (Warechu), and Mages.

So far, I’m taking liking to this Anime version of the series with the new storyline and all that. I also hope we get to see more cameo appearances of the rest of the characters like Kei and Mina in this episode (even if it’s only 3 seconds) and see the imoutos transform as well (I can’t enjoy this without seeing them transform at least once, even if it’s in the last episode).

Now for the Nepgear highlights.

Even in the Anime, she still gets into the "Best" situations

Well anyway, till next episode!

- Fuuko

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