Sunday, July 21, 2013

Shingeki no Kyojin Episode 15 - Who IS the Real Enemy?

Yo guys! Tadashi here and today I'll be talking about the 15th episode of Shingeki no Kyojin which gives us a more relaxed episode showcasing Levi's maid skills and Hanji's sheer craziness. It also imposes a very intriguing question from Commander Erwin. (Thanks to gg for the subs)

This episode introduces us to the remaining members of the elite Recon Corps: Petral Ral (who is really good looking!), Auruo Bossard, Erd Gin, and Gunther Schultz. These guys were all handpicked by Levi and are the best of the best.

Eren also realizes that every one of these guys are weirdos. He dubs the Recon Corps a haven for freaks but they all demand some kind of change. That's when he really appreciates the Recon Corps.

Everybody is a little bit weird...

We also get a firsthand look at how messed up Major Hanji Zoe is. We all knew she had a few screws loose but she demonstrates that it's more than just a few. She becomes emotionally attached to her experiments to the point that she names them and cries for them. 
She had her fair share of titan-killing but eventually realized that she wanted to view them differently. She was determined to view them differently. 

Eren was up all night listening to Hanji's explanations and ideas/theories but in the end he learned nothing he already knew. A man barged in telling Hanji that her two experimental titas, Sawney and Bean had been murdered. They immediately rush to the scene only to see them bare-boned. Who could have done this? They stated that they a group of maneuvering gears fleeing the scene right before it was discovered. Hm..

"Who do you think is the enemy?"

Commander Erwin comes in with a very interesting question to Eren. I'm thinking that he is suspicious of 'humanity' more specifically the bigwigs at the top. He definitely is a smart and cunning man. Maybe he knows something like humans are actually creating titans for some ulterior purpose and realizes that they are the true enemy. That's why he asks Eren that question seeing how he is a biproduct of this. Orrrrrrrr I could be completely wrong. Just the way he said it to EREN really seems like he's trying to see if Eren can figure something out too. 

So in the end, we don't get much out of this episode besides the fact that Commander Erwin knows more than it seems. Just what does he know and how much? That's to be seen. 



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