Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai: Megami-hen Episode 3 - The Conquest Continues!

Hey guys! Tadashi here and today I'll be talking about the 3rd episode of KamiNomi S3 which continues his attempts at conquering the girls again but there is a surprising twist at the end of the episode.

His first target of the day is the doll lover, Kujo. Now, she was one of the girls who we have never seen animated before so it was nice to see her here. Her VA is the typical loli VA (Index, Maria). She shows that she has the cuteness factor over 10 when she's desperately trying to punch Keima. In the end, she gave Keima a band-aid for the bump he received. Well played Keima, well played.

Next was Ayumi. The ended up going to the mall with one of Ayumi's friends which was basically a cockblock for Keima. He did have a funny interaction with her though when she was being nice to him. Keima went to the 'bathroom' where Ayumi followed after. She tried to tell Keima to stay away from her but he affirmed his position and bluntly stated that he can't. This left Ayumi super duper flustered and omg was it kawaii. She totally lost her thinking and basically melted.

Keima moved on to Chihiro next. He met her inside a music store 'pretending to look for bass strings for Elsie'. That's when Chihiro decided to grace us with her wonderful singing voice. It was such a great song and even though Keima's feelings aren't 100% genuine, you could tell he was captivated by her voice.

After Chihiro, he went to the library to move onto Shiori. Her case was different as they didn't really say much to each other. Instead, they communicated through a story book that Shiori came up with. It depicted Keima's conquering from S1 but with reversed roles. Keima added on to the story and Shiori would counter his remarks by adding more to the story herself. It was a super cute story and in the end, Keima won that round (obviously). Just seeing Shiori get all flustered is enough to make me melt.

As he was contemplating on what he was going to do next, Yui surprised him by being outside the library. That's when the roles basically switched and she took control of the situation. It also turns out she had been watching Keima and realized that he was a sort of 'playboy' seeing how he gave that same sincere face to Ayumi and Chihiro. She didn't care and told him that love will conquer all and she will show him true love. Right as it was getting too intense for him to handle, he made his escape with Haqua.

This is for you Keima, as you would be wearing the dress in this relationship

Once at home, there was an unexpected visitor. It was Nora (from the Tenri arc and the one who had tried to kill him) standing outside the door. She had come to deliver some top-secret news to Elsie (that was supposedly going to revealed the day after). Turns out that the Demons were given a new mission and it was to find the Goddesses that were present on Earth. Uh oh better step your game up now. Plus, Kanon only has a couple days remaining.

Overall, the episode was kind of bleh story-wise. It was a repeat of him trying to raise points with all the girls. I just want to see more interesting developments! Let's hope next episode brings us just that.

Run Keima! Run! 
Oh, and we need more Haqua<3



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