Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Servant x Service Episode 4 - The Section Manager is a Stuffed Pink Bunny with a Tie?!

Yo! Fuuko here with Episode 4 of Servant x Service. It appears that I’m more curious what happens in the next episode and you’ll see why but let’s backtrack to the beginning of this episode.

It starts off with Saya and Chihaya talking about Yamagami and they see Hasebe teaching Yamagami some sign language.

Apparently, Chihaya thinks Hasebe as a rival but as the one who gets close to Yamagami and makes her do cosplay.

From here to the middle, it’s all about Yamagami thinking of what Hasebe said about going out with him and making her act weird and it concluded with them eating out together as co-workers.

At the halfway point of the episode, the newcomers finally meet the Section Manager of the Welfare Department, Kenzo Momoi. He and Hasebe’s father were co-workers in the past.

Momoi wants to go drinking with some co-workers so Taishi, Saya, Hasebe, and Yamagami take part. Yamagami drinks a variety of alcohol and got drunk off the bat.

With Toko yelling at Taishi to return back home, Saya taking a taxi, and Momoi being left by Saya, Hasebe brings Yamagami home but then Yamagami is at her drunk limits and falls unconscious. Hasebe (trying to wake her up) is trying to find somewhere for her to sleep and suddenly he spots a hotel but not just any hotel, (in a smexy voice) a Looooove Hotel… (back to normal voice) *cough* maybe… Hasebe then princess carry Yamagami.

I like where this is going but did they really go there?

At the end of the episode, it’s morning and Yamagami wakes up with another person with her in bed.

This episode we get introduced to the section manager Momoi but not in person and he's using a stuffed bunny with a great taste of colour, PINK!! And the mystery of what happened with Yamagami and Hasebe during the credits. A possible 16.5 Servant x Service version? [Yes I know about 16.5 SAO people (read Written version and Doujin version)] Will we ever get our questions answered on how this happened? (Probably in the next episode.)

See you all in the next shift!

- Fuuko


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