Monday, July 22, 2013

Recorder to Randandoseru Mi Episodes 1-2 - Loli Highschooler and Her Teenager-looking Little Brother Returns

Yo! Fuuko here and I’ll be talking about Episodes 1 and2 of Recorder to Randoseru Mi.

Some FYI: With this being a short series and about 3 minutes long per episode, I’ll be doing this bi-weekly.

In Episode 1, Atsushi is with Kijima and Miura, the Police Officers that know that he’s an elementary school kid (and not a Pedo), and they want to show him to the new recruit, Aono, since she will be seeing him often. Aono doesn't seem surprised that Atsushi is that big and also talked about a rumor of a person pretending to be young in a blind date party. This pissed off Miura while Kijima tries and bring Atsushi out before something else happens.

The second half involves Atsushi and his friends who want to play at the Arcade but was stopped by Moriyama-sensei. Since Moriyama-sensei has a good heart, she lets them play at the Arcade for a little bit which made the kids really happy. Atsushi wants to thank her and grabbed her hand but being androphobic, she ran away.

In Episode 2, Atsumi and her friend, Sayo, are running in the rain and head for the Miyagawa house where they see Atsushi and his friend, Hina, waiting in front. The Miyagawa siblings each gave some clothes for Hina (Atsumi) and Sayo (Atsushi) with Sayo saying that Atsushi’s clothes smell like snacks. Once Hina and Sayo are about to leave, Atsushi promises Sayo that he will give her a snack the next time they meet. While walking with Hina, she imagines what she would look like as a high school student (and damn Hina looks cute). When they part ways, Sayo found the snack that Atsushi wants to give her.    

With these two episodes, we see that our recurring characters are doing well as always and Atsushi not getting arrested randomly for walking or playing around with his friends. 

I think I’ll end it off short here. See ya in the next two episodes!

- Fuuko


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