Monday, July 08, 2013

Servant x Service Episode 1 - Three Newcomers Join the Welfare Department

Yo! Fuuko here and I’m gonna talk about the first episode of Servant x Service. It begins with the three newcomers introducing themselves to the Welfare Department. They are Yamagami, Yutaka Hasebe, and Saya Miyoshi.

They are supervised by Taishi Ichimiya who worked there for 8 years but has no idea how to supervise.

Know your job more!

At first, I thought they were all there for work but throughout the episode, they all show their true colours.

Saya is a first time worker and College Graduate but clients enjoy talking to her despite what they’re there for.

Yamagami has a big ass long name (but in short, everyone calls her Lucy) and she's the only one who’s itching to work but is actually there for revenge on a certain person who works in the establishment for giving her that name. Though she could have talked about it with her parents first...

So Confident!

and Hasebe wants to relax, be lazy, and take multiple breaks but has amazing communication skills.

We think alike! haha

But they all help each other in the end.

Hasebe may have helped Yamagami but he also pissed her off multiple times by calling her by her first name which resulted in a little chase. 

Go Hasebe! Go!

To end it all off they are being lectured for running around in the office.

You both deserve it!

I find this one to be really enjoyable. The characters are amazingly unique and hilarious, especially Hasebe.

Oh! I almost forgot one character, Megumi Chihaya.

Anyway, till the next shift *cough* I mean episode…

- Fuuko


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