Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi Episode 1 - God has 'Failed' the World

Hello guys! Tadashi here and today I'll be talking about the 1st episode of Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi which delivers us another loli show but this time in the form of a Gravekeeper. (Thanks to vivid for the subs).

The world is a messed up place right now. God has admitted his mistake and that he has failed while Heaven and Hell are full. This means no one is able to die anymore and when they are delivered something that would bring death they survive and almost end up like zombies. The only way for them to truly die is to be buried by a Gravekeeper. 

Meet Ai Astin, our loli Gravekeeper
In this small village, there is Ai who apparently was a Gravekeeper who succeeded her late mother. Everyone in the village treated her special (like giving her all the sweets she could want) and she truly is just an innocent 12yr old girl. Her foster parents understand that what they've done to her by making her take on this task is crazy and unfair for her but they have no other choice. Ai doesn't understand why they're always putting on a sad face or a fake smile when it involves her and her duties.

Why does a 12yr old girl have this duty? Surely it wasn't just because her mom was a Gravekeeper, was it?

One day a man shows up with the name Hampnie Hambart which coincidentally is Ai's supposed father's name.

You ARE the father! 
Obviously he denies this to the fullest extent and considering his age there's no possible way...right?

He was in town seeking a certain flat-chested woman and had been travelling just to find her. She wasn't in this town after asking Ai and so they parted ways. As Ai walked back to the town center, she was greeted with a horrendous scene of mutilated corpses everywhere and among those were her foster parents. Turns out Hampnie was the one who did this and once she found out she was furious and tried to attack him head on. Now, little girls shouldn't be attacking grown men and she was easily manhandled and then knocked out conscience. By the time she came to, she was inside a house with a blanket (hm, that's nice of him) and once she stepped outside, he was there waiting for her.

I guess Hampnie was kind enough to bury all the bodies inside the graves that Ai had dug earlier and even put them inside a coffin. Maybe he isn't as bad as he seems. Sure, he may have killed them all but he respected them enough to give them a proper burial.

With nowhere to go, she ended up following Hampnie. He told her the truth as to her occupation. She wasn't a Gravekeeper since apparently Gravekeepers show no emotion. She basically didn't meet the requirements for one and the village had in turn lied to her. Why did they lie though? What was the purpose of this? What does this mean for Ai? Her mother as well?

During the flashback of Ai burying her mother, there were mystical lights surrounded her. Is this some kind of indication that she does have some kind of power?

And right on cue of explaining what a real Gravekeeper was like, one showed up. And man is she beautiful.

So, God has failed them and now 'zombies' are the result of death unless buried by Gravekeepers. Interesting premise but it's still only the first episode.
The art style definitely catches my eye and the animation is decent. For our main character, Ai is adorable and has one of my favorite VAs (Yui from K-On, Momo from TLR).
I can already tell her and Hampnie are going to become super close to the point where he will protect her at all costs. I just can't wait to find out the truths behind everything.

Until next episode!



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