Wednesday, July 24, 2013

High School DxD NEW Episode 3 - Joining the Enemy!

What's up guys! Tadashi here and today I'll be talking about the 3rd episode of High School DxD NEW which sets us up for unexpected team consisting of Demons and people from the Church.

You have been warned!

The episode starts off with the fight between Issei and Kiba vs. Xenovia and Irina. We learned some things during this fight:

1) Xenovia and Irina are OP with their Holy Swords. One hit from them and Demons are fucked. 

2) Irina is gorgeous, but annoying as fuck

3) Issei's skills have worsened. He couldn't hit Irina with the infamous Dress-Breaker t(-_-t)

3.5) He did however, get Asia and Koneko-chan<3

Following the fight, Kiba decided to disobey Rias (WHAT ARE YOU THINKING) and he left the clubroom in order to pursue the swords for his own vengeance. It was quite shocking but I was more surprised that Rias didn't actually try and stop him.

Issei just couldn't let his good friend and family member walk out like that on his own so he decided to ask Genshirou Saji (who is the Student Council President's pawn) for his help. They were going to team up with the Church in order to destroy a Holy Sword and even just saying this had Saji tripping out. Koneko-chan overheard this as well and seeing how she really cares for Kiba (as a friend...I think) she agrees to do it although she doesn't like the fact they're doing this behind Rias and Akeno's back.

Afterwards, they went to look for Xenovia and Irina in order to seek their cooperation. They found them begging for food on the streets in their white robes LOL. Of course, they agreed to help out...especially after Issei treated them to a delicious meal.

They then confront Kiba and eventually convinced him to accept this offer to team up. It's quite unexpected for Demons and the Church to be working together but the threat is just that great this time. I can't wait to see how they manage things from now on and how they will keep this quiet from Rias. I'm sure if Rias finds out she won't be mad, but rather she'd be either willing to help, or will let them do this on their own.

Where can I buy a Koneko-chan?! 

Some other things from this episode:

1) Issei's perversion is on a whole other level. Over 9000? Quite possible! You better get Irina (and Xenovia) next time!

2) Souna Shitori, the Student Council President, actually consoled Rias in that bathroom area. She told her that even through all that's going on, Kiba is still a Gremory.

I still can't get over them being naked in their meetings LOL

3) Younger Rias was gorgeous<3

4) That old man is definitely an important character. I'm 100% sure now. And another mystery man appears? Maybe that is the Vanishing Dragon's host?

And that concludes this week's episode of High School Oppai! I'm really liking the pace they're going at and the characters (and the uncensored oppai) are lovely as well :) I just can't wait to find out that 'twist' that's always in anime.

Until next episode!



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