Thursday, July 11, 2013

Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai: Megami-hen Episode 1 - Woohoo It's Back! Kanon FTW!

Osu! Tadashi here and today I'll be talking about the 1st episode off Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai: Megami-hen which delivered an excellent first episode showing us that it isn't going to go down the same road it did for the first 2 seasons. (Thanks to Horriblesubs for the rip)

The episode starts off with Keima introducing who he is and also shows us other girls and loose souls he had captured that were skipped along with Elsie and the ever so kawaii Haqua in the living room.

Oh yeah, so this Goddess Arc skips a whole lot from the manga. Apparently there was tons of character building and important parts but they skipped it. So far, it's not a problem since it's only been one episode. I hope we don't get too confused later on.

Elsie why you sho kawaii-desu~
On their way to school, they encounter Tenri and Diana. Diana is there to ask Keima for help and tells him about the "Goddesses" and the story about Hell. It turns out she is one of the Jupiter Sisters who helped seal the ancient evil demons from the past by sacrificing themselves. The other sister lay inside of Kanon. It is said that these Goddesses could be inside any of the girls whom Keima has helped and if they are indeed inside, those girls will regain their memory of what Keima had done.

Hi, I'm Apollo and I'm a baka. 
All throughout the episode, Kanon has been mysteriously followed around by something but she brushes it off as fatigue from all the work she was doing. She was even attacked as she was entering her apartment but totally told herself it was just her being tired.

The next day in class during a test, she saw the same person through the doors and panicked. She screamed and ran towards Keima in the middle of class. That's when she admitted she remembered all about Keima and how he was the only one she could turn to.

Keima brought her outside and began questioning her. He asked if she remembered the concert and everything. Then he asked if she remembered their kiss. That was when Kanon broke down and said "Yes" while crying (btw, I was freaking fangirling at this point you wouldn't believe it LOL).

SHE THEN FOLLOWED IT BY CONFESSING HER LOVE FOR HIM IN FRONT OF EVERYONE NOT ONCE, BUT TWICE (you best believe I was almost in tears at this point LMAO). So yeah, it's been awhile since I've been genuinely happy with a confession and well, this was one of those instances. She is an idol - a top notch idol. Keima is a dweeb who prefers 2D > 3D. No one would have ever thought that she would be in love with a dweeb but she is and she made it loud and clear!

After running off, Apollo takes over Kanon's body and then runs away. Now this was a bad move on her part because her pursuer was right behind her. Turns out she is an agent of Hell and goes by the name of Lune, of Vintage. She ends up stabbing Kanon's body </3

I didn't expect her to get stabbed though. Turns out this is serious business. From the preview, it looks like Keima steps his shit up realizing that he should have listened and acted sooner because if he did, Kanon wouldn't have gotten stabbed. 

Anyways, I'm just super glad this show is back and it isn't following the usual routine. It would have been boring if it did (not that I wouldn't mind though) and this new turn makes things 10x more interesting. As a non-manga reader, I'm fine with how they skipped those girls and I guess time will tell if skipping them was a good idea or not.

Welp. See you guys next episode for more Kanon-chan<3



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