Tuesday, July 16, 2013

C3-bu Episode 2 - Making Onigiri Equals Best Marksman?

Hi! Fuuko here and I'm gonna be talking about episode 2 of C3-bu.

The story starts off with Yura wondering if she had fun with the mock battle with C3-bu but really doesn’t know. Then Sonora shows up with Yura freaking out.

They introduce each other and had a chat. Then Sonora takes a bite of one of Yura’s onigiri and was shocked about the perfect texture and starts to have a flashback of what her master said about onigiri and shooting a gun.

Be firm without being stiff is the key to shoot naturally

Sonora then asks Yura if she had joined a club yet and Yura begins to talk about her experience with weird people with guns (aka C3-bu) which piques Sonora’s interest since she is the President of the club. Yura still doesn't know if she wants to really join C3-bu so Sonora said there are other clubs she can check out and started to go for a jog.

The next day, the C3 members (minus Sonora) are finding a way to get Yura to join C3-bu but they failed on capture her.

Disguise level: LOL

Then at the Balcony of the school, Yura meets up with C3-bu and Karila, Rento, Yachiyo, and Honoka decides that they should do a 4 vs 2 battle. If they win, Yura is forced to join and Sonora has to clean guns with a bathing suit but if Yura and Sonora win, Yura can choose if she wants to join or not and Sonora doesn’t need to help them recruit her. This gets interesting when Sonora says that she’ll win without using a gun making the game an escort mission where Yura and Sonora must escape from the old school building starting from the third floor to the first floor gate without using the same stairway but if the other members shoot Sonora, Game Over. Also, Sonora must wear a dress for this mission.

I give her a 7 in that dress.

Now for the game: 

And what Yura’s imagining:

In the end, Yura and Sonora won and after the battle, Yura finally makes up her mind and decides to join C3-bu. The members are happy that she joined.

This episode was all about recruiting our main character Yura, showing more of C3-bu’s gun skills, Sonora being a badass in a dress and we get to see an Escort-themed gun battle C3-bu style. I wonder when will they battle other gun related clubs from different schools or possibly change venue (though I did see a venue change in the episode preview)

Well anyways, see you all in the next episode!

- Fuuko


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