Monday, July 15, 2013

Shingeki no Kyojin Episode 14 - Violence is Never the Answer! Or is it?

Yo guys! Tadashi here and today I'll be talking about the 14th episode of Shingeki no Kyojin which brings us the trial of Eren with what to do about him and his powers along with Levi being, well, Levi.

So news (or rumors) have spread all throughout the city about mankind having a 'titan' on their side. Is he dangerous? Or is he reliable? Will he turn on the city? These are the questions that everyone is asking. It's gotten to the point that there are two groups looking to take Eren - The Police forces and the Recon Corps. This led to a trial in order to figure out what to do with Eren and who gets him.

If the Police get their hands on Eren, they will dissect and examine every part of his body hoping to learn new information and turning into a possibly advantage or use it to create more weapons. After they would dispose of Eren as he still is a threat.

If the Recon Corps get Eren, they will use Eren to take back Wall Maria. That's it. 

Now onto the episode.

Eren is still locked up inside his jail cell wondering wtf is going to happen to him. The guards are calling him a monster and many people outside are definitely thinking that as well. All of a sudden Major Hanji Zoe (or Sasha adult version lulz) shows up.

"I'm interested in you huehuehuehuehuehuehue"

Turns out she was only there to escort Eren to the trial room where it will be decided whether he lives or he dies. Oh, and Eren had no clue where he was going. Talk about a rough surprise...

A lot of things happened in the courtroom. The two sides got a chance to say what they wanted to say but things eventually escalated. Eren and Mikasa's 'incident' when they were kids came to light and it didn't help out his case. It even go to the point where people even start accusing Mikasa of not being human because she was so close to Eren. Eren quickly defended Mikasa's case. That's when Eren snapped and said exactly what was on his mind.
He called out everyone who was a 'pencil pusher' and yelled at the top of his lungs screaming 'cowards' for obvious reasons. These guys have never even seen a titan yet they're doing all of this? Don't forget that Eren is a titan so seeing him rage like this definitely made those guys shit their pants. Hell, it looked like he almost went berserk here...

"Just shutup and let me shoulder it all!"

...but that was when Levi came in. He did say last episode that he would be responsible for him and that he was the only one who could do anything about him whether it be kill him or keep him in his place. In front of the entire trial room, he beat the living shit out of Eren. He even knocked out one of his teeth. He showed no remorse and even held a conversation while beating Eren. Mikasa wasn't too pleased about this though...she almost went out there but was stopped by Armin. Man, Mikasa's angry face is enough to make a grown man shit themselves.

In the end, they proposed that they send Eren and Levi out for a trial run to see whether he will stay with the Recon Corps or go with the Police.

As he is in the hands of the Recon Corps (for now) he is reacquainted with the captain and the others. The captain is a good guy but everyone else is really just a bunch of weirdos (nonetheless they're good people too). Eren finds himself in the midst of these weirdos but realizes their intent and even accepts Levi's actions as necessary. As he was being treated by Major Zoe, we learn a shocking revelation: Eren's tooth had already grown back.

We knew he could regenerate but now we know he can regenerate fast. Maybe it's because it was only a tooth, but it grew back and everyone was shocked.

Another good episode (not great, but good). We now have Eren setting off with Levi which will definitely be interesting to watch. Levi doesn't take shit from no one so let's hope he helps Eren out...maybe turn him into more of a man? Haha.



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