Wednesday, July 17, 2013

High School DxD NEW Episode 2 - Xenovia and Irina vs Kiba and Issei!

Tadashi here! Time to talk about the 2nd episode of High School DxD NEW which brings us face to face with Xenovia and Irina, 2 wielders of Holy Swords.

You have been warned!

The episode starts off with the usual - Issei waking up to heaven on Earth. It will forever piss me off how lucky this guy is and to top it off, he gets this everyday.

Oh, and they just get up and leave like it's nothing omg I hate you Issei so much...

After this lovely scene, he and his Ddraig have their first talk of the season and he explains how he should be careful. The other dragon, the white dragon Vanishing Dragon is still out there and it's basically destiny for Issei and him to fight since those are the 2 dragon hosts.

We also get an explanation about the Holy Swords and Excalibur. Apparently, it was shattered a long time ago in battle but the Church used the pieces to create 7 other Excaliburs.

Prez and Akeno ended up having a meeting with the Student Council President regarding Irina and Xenovia. They came to ask for a meeting with Rias and the Student Council President agreed to it. Btw, why are they meeting naked? Is it a form a formality or humility? Either way, I approve huehuehue~

The next day they had their meeting with the two and it became heated quite fast. They were there only to ask that Rias and everyone else stay out of their way as they have their own mission in town. Rias agrees but as the two were leaving, Xenovia caught wind of Asia and began verbally abusing her about how she turned on the Church. Issei tried to stand idly but it didn't last long before he got right up in Xenovia's face. It ended up with an unofficial 'mock' battle being agreed upon involving Issei and Kiba.

Don't worry,  you're totally normal...

Next episode promises to be a good one with this 2v2 fight. I'm definitely looking forward to it. Especially knowing there will be plenty of oppai to go around in this fight.

Other things about this episode:

1. Issei reaffirms his ultimate goal - to become Harem King! and a High Class Demon but we all know which one is more important.

2. Rias has become very submissive to Issei and his requests. When she hugged him and Asia, he said oppai and immediately Rias complied and began undressing. She must really have fallen for him. What's it like Issei, having the sister of Satan at your fingertips?! TELL ME!

3. That guy Issei keeps helping out is awfully suspicious. I have a feeling he could possibly be the white dragon host. Or at least knows something about it?

4. Irina is kawaii as fuck but she's also a hard S LOL. And she's more annoying than I thought >_>


Anyways, see you oppai lovers next episode!



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